Message from the managing director

Homo applicans*

In a knowledge society, we experts and knowledge workers are largely our own masters. Often, we have sole responsibility for managing our time and developing ourselves. For a herd animal, being required to master a variety of skills and to work alone is confusing. As individuals, we are unable to produce, acquire, organise, process, and share information effectively. The feeling of inadequacy is threatening and causes continuous discomfort.

We need each other in the workplace more than ever.

Working in communities, organisations, and teams gives us security and is useful to us both professionally and emotionally. It is time we relearned to share our knowledge, views, and experiences. This type of tribal behaviour is exactly how humans as a mammal species have succeeded for four million years. We must be able to work together and interact with each other, generating ideas, innovating, and developing collective thinking and action. Our ability to work together will decide whether we succeed. Collective wisdom emerges when we share knowledge, skills, experiences, and contacts, and together apply our competence.

The ability to apply knowledge is a major success factor for the future of individuals, communities, and nations. Homo applicans know how to use their and other people’s knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve common objectives. Homo applicans have at their disposal a wide variety of means that they can use to best accommodate individual needs and wishes, the necessary rules, and the tools available. Homo applicans are bold innovators who do not try to reinvent the wheel, but who understand the importance of creative solutions, and whose thinking is not stuck in the past.

This is also what we are aiming for!
Sanna Varpukari

*) Sovelto, as a name, is derived from the Finnish verb ‘soveltaa’, to apply. Hence ‘homo applicans’, the applying man.

Sovelto – take the initiative to improve your competence

We provide critical competencies and enjoyable learning experiences for applying information and communication technologies! Our aim is that Finns will be the most productive and the most relaxed people in the world.


A Finnish company, specialising in training and consultation, founded in 1999

30 000

Approximately 30,000 people trained every year, with an average course rating of 4.6 (on a scale from 1 to 5)

Satisfied customers

Sovelto’s customer satisfaction performance is the best among training companies in the ICT sector (according to a 2010 survey on ICT brands by the Taloustutkimus market research company).

Our clientele appreciates competence, expertise, training skills, experience, and our warm and comprehensive service.

The World

Training facilities in Helsinki and Tampere, expertise accessible from anywhere in the world

2 000

More than 2,000 clients, including industry-leading, pioneering companies and government organisations

100 %

Recommended by 100% of customers using training vouchers


65 enthusiastic and dedicated employees and more than ten regular freelance professionals at your service

1,9 %

Based on financial performance, among the best in Finland and in its field of business, as ranked by the Kauppalehti business newspaper (according to the newspaper’s categorisation, only 1.9% of Finnish companies reach this level)

The best training company

Sovelto is the most recognised and highly regarded training company, according to all qualitative indicators. (ICT Feedback survey 2012, Taloustutkimus)