About us

We know that using right technologies with right skills, anybody can work smarter and get better results. ​Our mission at Sovelto, is to coach individuals and organizations to achieve a successful and manageable change.  Change happens by learning. In any learning process there is always four stages: Identify Skills Gap, Learn, Apply new skills and finally Prove new skills. 

Sovelto is the leading Learning Company located in Finland with offices and training facilities in Helsinki (HQ) and Tampere. Basically, we help your customers Globally Online. Sovelto’s focus is to improve customers’ business opportunities by developing Leadership, Technology and Productivity skills with high-quality learning and consulting services based on each customer’s and learners’ unique needs.

Sovelto utilize modern learning methods when delivering training services. Our customers can decide between 3 methods: Sovelto Intensive (instructor-led training in classroom or online), Sovelto Virtual (self- study courses) and Sovelto Hybrid (Blended learning solution).  

Don’t let a skills gap stand between you and your goals! Contact us and let’s start learning together!

The change is made by learning!

The change is here. Don’t miss it! The revolution in on-the-job learning is starting now. It’s time to move from speech to action.

We research and predict how Finnish working life is changing and where are the most significant skills shortages of the future. Together with our pioneer customers, our international partners and our network of experts, we produce the best view for what kind of competences will be successful in the future and for everyone to learn. We play in the global league.

During this year, we have diligently studied new technologies and products. We have made scenarios of changes in working life and their effects and have researched and predicted the impact of radical technologies on working life. We have invested in product development for learning services, found and produced extremely effective (also cost-effective) forms of learning and applied them to the needs of Finnish working life.

Work is a source of well-being for society, organizations and individuals alike. We want to be involved in creating a new, sustainable working life, where the individual is valuable and where everyone’s skills are invested throughout the career. In a sustainable working life, everyone’s skills stay up to date during the employment and everyone has the right, but also an obligation to learn. Their skills benefit the organization as well as themselves.

Our goal is that Finns are the most productive and relaxed people in the world. This requires learning together. The past determines the number of people less and less, the future is determined by each of its own FutureCV. Targeted and systematic on-the-job learning must be part of everyone’s everyday life. The new national learning culture will be an inexhaustible source of our competitiveness.

The time for hype and hesitation is over, now learning and agile, concrete actions matter. Everyone can be a hero. We have vision and tools when you want to succeed!

Sanna Varpukari

Sovelto Oyj

Sovelto – take the initiative to improve your competence

We provide critical competencies and enjoyable learning experiences for applying information and communication technologies! Our aim is that Finns will be the most productive and the most relaxed people in the world.


A Finnish company, specialising in training and consultation, founded in 1999

30 000

Approximately 30,000 people trained every year.

Satisfied customers

Our clientele appreciates competence, expertise, training skills, experience, and our warm and comprehensive service – with an average course rating of 4.6 (on a scale from 1 to 5).

Helsinki Tampere The World

Training facilities in Helsinki and Tampere, expertise accessible from anywhere in the world

2 000

More than 2,000 clients, including industry-leading, pioneering companies and government organisations. We have met 30,000 customers from 2,000 organizations and discussed future competence needs in different industries and positions.

100 %

Recommended by 100% of customers using training vouchers.


55 enthusiastic and dedicated employees and more than ten regular freelance professionals at your service!

1,9 %

Based on financial performance, among the best in Finland and in its field of business, as ranked by the Kauppalehti business newspaper (according to the newspaper’s categorisation, only 1.9% of Finnish companies reach this level)