The Sovelto Channel wins the 2015 LLPA Best Practice Award in South Africa

Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA) is the largest network of training organisations in the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). The network includes 27 leading information and communications technology training companies from 27 countries.

This year, the annual LLPA Summit was held from 16 to 20 November in South Africa, and the winner of the Best Practice Award, presented each year, was Sovelto’s digital learning environment, the Sovelto Channel. The award winners were selected by members of the network of training organisations. Behind Sovelto, the second prize in the competition went to CompuTrain Ltd. (the Netherlands) for their solution “Microsoft Exam Camp”, and the third prize went to Specialist (Russia) for their solution “Unlimited Learning”.

Responsibility for the mid-career competence development of the Finnish workforce being transferred to the employees

The investments of Finnish organisations in personnel development have fallen dramatically since 2008. Meanwhile, the competence requirements in the workplace have increased, and the ability of employees to learn new competencies has become one of the most important competitive advantages. However, today, employees’ competencies often become obsolete during their careers, and they may even lose their competitiveness while employed. The responsibility for the competence development of employees during their careers is being transferred to the employees themselves.

Competence requirements are currently changing rapidly, and you need to be able to flexibly bridge skills gaps while working. Learning new competencies during your career is critically important for productivity and well-being. With digitisation, ways of working and training needs are undergoing a reform. Learning new competencies increasingly takes place online and as part of the working day. Information and communications technology plays a key role in the sought-after productivity leap in the Finnish economy. Our competencies will determine whether we will be able to take advantage of the opportunities this provides.

Everyone to be allowed competence development during their careers

Restoring Finland’s competitiveness calls for rapid measures to help upgrade the competencies of the workforce. Continuous and systematic mid-career training is central to maintaining fitness for work and would benefit employees, employers and society alike. We should make continuous training possible for everyone. However, in terms of competence development funded by the employer, employees are in very unequal situations.

“The Sovelto Channel is a community-based and digital learning environment that is designed for the needs of working life and that can be used regardless of time and place. In addition to the more than 3000 educational ‘nano blocks’ , learners can rely on the support of an on-call online trainer. People’s on-the-job competencies should increase as operations undergo changes. Learning is the bottleneck in development, and people’s competencies are their most valuable assets. We want to provide training services to all Finns at such an affordable price that everyone, regardless of their starting point and situation, has the opportunity to ensure that their working-life skills are up-to-date”, says the managing director at Sovelto, Sanna Varpukari.

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Managing director Sanna Varpukari
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Sovelto is a working-life pioneer: we provide training in on-the-job learning, rationalisation of work, and use of technology. Sovelto is actively working on the Finland 2.0 programme, the aim of which is to double the productivity of the workforce and to train Finns in the fields of the future. Our aim is that in 2020, Finns will be the most productive and the most relaxed people in the world.

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