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Tämä kurssi antaa erittäin laajan ymmärryksen järjestelmän tarjoamista erilaisista mukautusmahdollisuuksista. Kurssilla pääset harjoittelemaan mukauttamista ja järjestelmän konfigurointia Sovelton asiantuntevien kouluttajien opastuksella.
Helping Java SE developers write Java EE applications
Install, configure, and manage Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
Manage and provision large-scale deployments of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
Log in and learn to develop, implement, test, and deploy applications utilizing enterprise integration patterns (EIP)
Enter the mobile testing arena with this certified course by the American Software Testing Qualifications Board.
Microsoft has made changes to its Azure Certifications to make them more role-based. Update your certification with a special bundle package which you can only purchase from Sovelto. The package includes Measure-Up practice exam + self-learning material + voucher for the transition exam + administration fees