Learning to work in the future

Learning to work in the future

“Learning has become a superpower.”

Anne Tarkiainen, Director and Executive Coach at Sovelto

Learning does not end when you leave school. Businesses are increasingly finding that the pace of change and transformation in the world means that even the most skilled employees need to be trained in new technologies and approaches. It is becoming clear that traditional methods of education or developing new skills are inefficient, slow and costly. 

Learning is the key to change

Sovelto specializes in delivering modern training solutions to businesses. By using the power of digital technology, the company has been able to ensure that their clients are able to keep educating their workforces, even when the Covid epidemic has thrown their plans into chaos. 

Milka Hänninen, Event Director, Campfire Summit at the Guides and Scouts of Finland says that Sovelto has been a vital partner in delivering training through 2020: 

‘Sovelto’s learning solutions have been adopted by businesses in the grip of a pandemic; the results are outstripping traditional approaches‘

“The approach offered by Sovelto has been extremely effective. Our leadership team is organizing an event called the campfire summit. Nobody knew when we began planning for this that we would be working the whole year in remote mode.”

Hänninen stresses that the solutions offered have not been ‘second-best’; they have surpassed expectations: 

“Sovelto has accelerated the speed at which we have been able to solve problems and improved the quality of problem solving. It has helped us to reach our objectives quicker and learn faster, which is relevant for any industry.”

Why is the approach so effective? Alisher Aliev, Software Developer at TietoEVRY says that while children can spend all day learning, for adults, work can get in the way: 

“As a worker I don’t have that much time to concentrate on learning. Sovelto’s impact was such that I was able to learn the things I wanted to.”

From a leader’s perspective, Kaisa Tuuliainen, SVP/HR & Work Safety at ARE Group says that the Sovelto approach enables her organisation to work together despite fragmentation:

“Our business and our teams are very decentralised, we work on the project side and the customer side. We need to keep our culture and our people connected. We need to have good internal communication and take care of the customer communication. Sovelto were able to help us to start that journey with modern tools and ways of working.”

Being more joined up as a company has enabled a greater level of support than previously possible. Tuuliainen explains:

“We have been able to support our people during Covid, communicating, connecting and leading our people. Our ways of working are more modern now. Continuous learning is embedded in everything.”

Sovelto is a learning company supporting and empowering organizations in building skills for the new world of work and their changing journeys.

Learning has become a superpower

Anne Tarkiainen, Director and Executive Coach at Sovelto, says that the technology may change, but the underlying principles are simple:

“In every strategy we present, we make sure that space is left for individual needs and self determination.”

Making space for humans in a world where technology is emerging as a driver in every industry shows that people and machines can work together – we just need to learn how. As the cycle of innovations is predicted to only get faster, learning truly will become a superpower.

Sovelto was nominated as one of the 50 Global Leaders in the world. This article was created by TBD Media Group as part of Bloomberg’s 50 Global Leaders 2021 project. Read the original article.