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Coaching is the single most important managerial skill that separates a highly effective manager from the rest. The problem is, most managers don’t understand how critical coaching is for the development, growth, and performance of their people. Because they don’t know how to use coaching in their leadership style, their employees stay stuck on projects, becoming discouraged and demotivated.


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Coaching Essentials®

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Most managers don’t understand how critical coaching is for the development, growth, and performance of their people. Our leadership coaching program, Coaching Essentials®, teaches your managers how to effectively coach their employees—not just manage them—to increase productivity, create an environment of trust and autonomy, and deliver better bottom-line results.

So why do only 5% of organizations have managers who have been trained to coach their team members?



By integrating coaching knowledge and skills into your management training, you get highly effective managers who know how to have powerful coaching conversations that create connection, increase trust, and help their team members perform at their best.

Accelerate Team Performance with Coaching Skills For Managers ACCELERATE LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT

Managers who coach provide the right amount of direction and support, helping their team members to grow more quickly.

Coaching Style Of Leadership Creates Teams Capable Of Problem Solving CREATE AUTONOMOUS PROBLEM-SOLVERS

Team members become self-reliant and solve problems on their own, which is the cornerstone of today’s agile organizations.

Coaching Skills For Managers Will Increase Employee Engagement and Retention RETAIN YOUR TALENT

Coached employees are more engaged, more committed, and more likely to endorse and stay at your company.

Coaching Skills For Managers Creates Your Future Leaders BUILD YOUR LEADERSHIP BENCH STRENGTH

Coaching skills for managers is essential to develop competent, capable team members who will become your future leaders.



We know you want your managers to be as effective as possible in developing their team members, and our Coaching Essentials program can help.

Coaching Essentials is a skills-based, practical training program designed to give your managers the mindset, essential skills, and structured process they need to accelerate development and bring out the best in their people.

The Coaching Essentials program aligns with the core coaching competencies as defined by the International Coaching Federation and was guided by Blanchard’s experienced Master Certified Coaches, who have been teaching coaching skills to managers for over 20 years.

With a coaching style of leadership, your managers will become great managers that know how to develop their people and achieve better results for your business.


Managers and individuals seeking to develop coaching skills in order to increase the effectiveness and competence of those they lead


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