Cyber Crime in Business


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This course skilfully provides delegates with a robust insight into the issues and realities surrounding cybercrime, from traditional crimes now carried out online to cyber-specific crimes.

Intended Audience:

Security practitioners, internal auditors, investigators, UK law enforcement or government employees that are required to investigations in a digital environment. Additionally, anyone in the private sector who works alongside government or who prepares digital evidence.


  • Equip delegates with in depth knowledge the issues related to cybercrime
  • Introduce delegates to the environment in which cybercriminals operate
  • Give delegates insight into how cybercriminals exploit internet technology
  • Introduce delegates to cybercrime carried out on the dark web
  • Equip delegates with insight into how traditional crimes have been brought online


Module 1 – Introduction

  • Delegates will be introduced to the environment that has evolved to create a platform for cybercrime.

Module 2 – The Digital Space

  • This module gives delegates a ‘nuts and bolts’ insight into the architecture of the internet, demonstrating how cybercriminals exploit this technology.

Module 3 – Evolution of Cybercrime

  • This module introduces delegates to the evolution of cybercrime, from its early beginnings to current events.

Module 4 – Hackers and hacking case study

  • In this module delegates are introduced to the concepts of hackers and hacking, from the progressions of hacking to present day threats. This module includes a case study with guided discussion.

Module 5 – An introduction to Social Engineering

  • A staple of cybercrime, this module introduces delegates to a raft of social engineering techniques.

Module 6 – Cybercrime and Social Media

  • Social media has become a key part of our lives; vast in scale and reach. Cybercriminals utilise social media to ‘open’ new markets, find victims and bring traditionally ‘offline’ crimes online. This module examines how cybercriminals operate on social media.

Module 7 – Digital Investigations

  • This module gives delegates an insight into the tradecraft of a digital investigator tasked with investigating cybercrime.

Module 8 – Dark web Markets and Hidden Services

  • This module introduces delegates to the ‘dark web’, those websites and services not indexed by conventional search engines. The dark web and hidden services demonstrate considerable criminality – this module offers insight to delegates on how cybercriminals operate in this shadowy part of the internet.


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