Excel Workout: Logical Functions

Get advanced Excel skills by using logical functions!

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Logical functions, such as IF, AND and OR, are useful tools in data analysis because you can test conditions and return one value if the condition is met, and another value if the condition is not met. Nested IF formula allows you to check more than one condition and return different values depending on the results of those checks, all in a single formula. The objective of this training is to learn how to use IF function and to create nested formulas with logical functions.


  • The structure (syntax) of IF formula
  • Using one condition in IF formula
  • Using concurrent conditions with AND function
  • Using optional conditions with OR function
  • Nested IF formulas

To whom?

This workout is an advanced level remote training and you can easily join from your workstation. The training suits you if you want to learn how to utilize logical functions in different situations.


You will get the most out of this training if you already know how to create basic formulas in Excel and are familiar with absolute references (cell references with $ sign). If you are not quite sure, we recommend you enroll to Excel Workout Formulas and cell references first.

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Eine Lahtisalo

Eine Lahtisalo

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Competence: Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), MOS Master-level, MCAS for Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word, IPMA Level D – Certified Project Management Associate, ITIL Foundation 2011 Edition, Microsoft Office specialist.


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Antti Kivivalli

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