Fundamentals of Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN)


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Fundamentals of Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN)


BPMN is a modelling notation designed specifically for modelling business processes. It was originally conceived by a consortium of workflow tools vendors (BPMI) but now it is a public standard owned and maintained by the Object Management Group (OMG), which also administers the UML standard.

This is a quote from the OMG about BPMN:

“Business Process Model and Notation has become the de-facto standard for business processes diagrams. It is intended to be used directly by the stakeholders who design, manage and realize business processes, but at the same time be precise enough to allow BPMN diagrams to be translated into software process components. BPMN has an easy-to-use flowchart-like notation that is independent of any particular implementation environment.” [].

This course is a one day overview of the whole of the BPMN specification. It is intended to show delegates what modelling features are available from the BPMN standard.

Target Audience

Delegates who have an interest in process modelling for whatever reason would benefit from attending this BPMN modelling course. This includes:

  • Business and Process Analysts
  • Process Designers and Implementers

This BPMN 1 day overview training course would also serve the awareness needs of process owners, Project and Programme Managers, and any personnel involved with business change and transformation.


  • Course Introduction
  • Modelling Business Processes
  • Introducing BPMN
  • Descriptive Level BPMN

    • Modelling sequence
    • Modelling selection
    • Modelling iteration
    • Introducing tokens
    • Descriptive Level Notation Palette
  • Exercise
  • Analytic Level BPMN

    • Pools and Lanes
    • Review of BPMN Activities
    • Review of BPMN Events
    • Review of BPMN Gateways
    • Conditional Sequence Flows
  • Exercise
  • Final Topics

    • Transaction and Compensation
    • Treatment of Data
    • Executable BPMN
    • Workflow Patterns
    • BPMN Diagram Types
    • Certification
  • Exercise

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There are no specific prerequisites required prior to attending this BPMN overview. However, knowledge of any form of workflow modelling or flow charting would be advantageous.


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