Practice Exam (Microsoft)

Do you know Azure’s new role-based certifications and training paths already? Is your job maintaining and managing Azure? Find out about your skill level with a practice exam that will help you figure out what you know and where you need sparring.


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Practice Exam (Microsoft)

The cloud is agile, scalable and advanced. The same can be said of Microsoft’s renewed certification program. The work and the requirements of the various roles of the clouds have been considered in the new Azure Certification Examination and in the training paths.

Are you preparing for the Azure Administrator Associate certification tests: AZ-100 Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment and AZ-101 Microsoft Azure Integration and Security? Order a practice exam for either or both and find out the current state of your Azure knowledge.

The exercise test helps you see what you already know and where there is still room for improvement.

We will be in touch with you when you have completed the practice exam and help you design the most appropriate learning path for your goal.

Individual needs and learning requirements are taken into account through new modular content. The training sessions are generally one day long so you can truly choose only the topics that you need for your work. Learning the large entities is flexible and you can apply and practice new skills in everyday life, even if you are attending every training session. Whether you want to study in the classroom or online, is your choice.

Find more about Azure Administrator Associate certification requirements and training options here.


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