Leading People Through Change®

Leading People Through Change® teaches leaders how to identify and address the typical stages of concern that employees go through, as well as how to use the appropriate strategy and behaviors to resolve the concerns. The model that is presented in this program can be applied to all types of change efforts, including mergers and acquisitions, business process reengineering, sales force expansion, and technology implementations.


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Leading People Through Change®

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Organizational change is a fact of business life. Reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, workforce downsizing or expansion, technology implementations, and new business initiatives are disruptive changes that impact large numbers of people. Our Leading People Through Change® program teaches your managers how to lead successful organizational change efforts by understanding the different stages of concern and adjusting their leadership style to improve productivity and morale.

The ability to effectively lead people through organizational change is critical to the future success of your company.



The most successful companies are agile and embrace change as part of their culture to stay ahead of the competition. When your managers know how to effectively create change, they anticipate resistance, proactively address concerns, and increase buy-in to ensure a successful change implementation and move your organization forward.


Increase buy-in while managing change in organizations | Ken BlanchardINCREASE BUY-IN AND RESILIENCE
Managers who can diagnose and address the predictable concerns of their team members can reduce resistance and increase buy-in and commitment to the change.Leading organizational change to get faster results | Ken BlanchardGET RESULTS FASTER
When organizational development and change initiatives are well-managed and effective, it builds momentum toward key organizational goals.
Build organization development and change capacity in your organizationBUILD CHANGE LEADERSHIP CAPABILITY
Successful companies that build the capacity to change into their culture develop resilience and can implement change on an ongoing basis.


We know how disruptive managing change in organizations can be, and we know how to help you preserve the morale and productivity of your people to achieve the desired results.

Our Leading People Through Change program teaches your managers how to lead successful, high involvement change initiatives. Managers learn how to identify and address the questions that employees typically raise and how to resolve their concerns to increase buy-in, commitment and involvement.

The program is based on 30 years of real-world change leadership consulting experience and research that shows that people are less resistant to change when they have opportunities to share their concerns and be actively involved in the change process every step of the way.


• Senior executives

• Day-to-day leaders of a change effort

• Managers at all levels who seek to increase the buy-in and commitment of their direct reports

• Internal OD/HR consultants

• High-potential leaders who may be asked to play the role of change agent

• Teams responsible for leading change


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Responsible person

Pasi Lehtiniemi

Pasi Lehtiniemi

Pasi is an experienced business leader and leadership developer. He has over 20 years of work experience in business development, project management and team leadership. He has been in charge of multiple complex change programmes in challenging business environments.

Pasi works as an executive consultant on the field of project management and leadership development. His personal interest focuses on knowledge management, people centered leadership, and team dynamics.

Trainer accreditations:
The Ken Blanchard Companies: Self Leadership, The SLII Experience™, Coaching Essentials, Building Trust, Team Leadership, Leading People Through Change, Optimal Motivation, Legendary Service. Wiley: Everything DiSC®, DiSC® Work f Leaders, The Five Behaviors™.