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Microsoft 365 Workout: Modern file management OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams

Managing files is essential – has always been. Microsoft 365 offers new possibilities and requires good old basic file management skills. Join in and explore the principles and you can easily understand and fulfil the policies of your own organisation.

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Starts soon
Microsoft 365 Workout: Modern file management OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams

Where can I find my files? Which tool should I use now?

Everyone who is working in Microsoft 365 environment should know how and when to use OneDrive, Teams or SharePoint in file management. When files are stored in cloud service, it offers new functionalities in customary situations.

If you are puzzled with file management, this workout is a good starting point!

Contents of the training

Which tools we are talking about?

  • OneDrive for Business – your personal cloud storage
  • SharePoint – shared workspaces and document libraries for user groups
  • Teams – a hub for team collaboration that stores the files in team-specific document library in SharePoint

How can we use these possibilities?

  • With Interner browser
  • With Windows Explorer when files are synchronized to your computer
  • With applications on your computer: Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • With mobile applications

How can I edit my files?

  • Using basic Office applications on your computer: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Using online applications in the web browser or Teams
  • The best practices to utilize these opportunities

Something new and something old

  • Sharing and stopping to share in OneDrive
  • Automatic saving
  • Renaming or moving an opened file
  • Collaborating with files
  • Utilizing version history
  • Checking out SharePoint files
  • Recycle bin!
  • Synchronizing files with OneDrive, SharePoint sites and Teams

This workout is an basic level remote training and you can easily join from your workstation. Enroll and start today!

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Join in with Microsoft Teams and learn from Sovelto’s experienced instructors. We will cover all M365 tools you use in your daily work.

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Antti Kivivalli

Antti Kivivalli


MCT, MCP, MCTS Project.


Antti Kivivalli

Antti Kivivalli


MCT, MCP, MCTS Project.