Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Design and Branding Level 1


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The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge required to create a branded SharePoint site using tools provided in SharePoint along with other web design products. The course emphasises hands-on experience, with a series of self-guided exercises integrated into the training.

You will discover how to create designs for both Collaboration sites and Publishing sites using Composed Looks and the SharePoint Design Manager tool. You will also understand how to develop custom page layouts for Publishing Sites and use CSS to style your site.

This course will help you meet the following objectives:

  • Understand how to brand a collaboration site using Composed Looks

  • Upload a bespoke web design into the SharePoint Design Manager tool and use this to create a new SharePoint master page.

  • Use Design manager to add SharePoint snippets such as navigation links and search boxes.

  • Understand how to work with CSS in SharePoint sites.


  • Use composed looks to style sites

  • Understand how to locate and edit the files used to create composed looks.

  • Create new composed looks themes.

  • Understand the component parts that create a Publishing Site

  • Understand how to create a SharePoint Ready html based branding

  • Upload a HTML branding style into SharePoint using Design Manager

  • Add SharePoint snippets to the new design using Design Manager

  • Edit and create custom page layouts

  • Apply custom CSS to SharePoint master pages

  • Apply master pages to a Site Collection


Module 1 – What is Branding?

  • Understanding the Concept of Branding
  • SharePoint Branding Architecture
  • SharePoint Branding Features

Module 2 – Branding for Collaboration Sites

  • Using the ‘Change the Look’ Feature
  • Understanding the Composed Look Gallery
  • Creating a Custom Composed Look

Module 3 – Working with Design Manager

  • What is Design Manger?
  • Importing Design Files into SharePoint
  • Using Design Manager to Edit Master Pages
  • Using Snippets to Add SharePoint Controls and Features
  • Publishing the Branding Styles to your Site

Module 4 – Creating Custom Page Layouts

  • Understanding How Page Layouts Work
  • Creating New Page Layout Templates
  • Adding Content Snippets to a Page Layout
  • Publishing Page Layouts to your SharePoint Site

Module 5 – CSS in SharePoint

  • How CSS Works in SharePoint
  • Locating the SharePoint CSS Files
  • Styling SharePoint User Interface
  • Adapting SharePoint CSS to your own Branding

Module 6 – Responsive Web Design for SharePoint

  • Understanding Responsive Design
  • Building a Responsive CSS
  • Testing a Responsive SharePoint Site

Module 7 – Reusing Branding Designs

  • Apply Master Pages to all Sites in a Site Collection
  • Creating and Importing a Design Package
  • Considerations for Branding a SharePoint Platform


  • A basic understanding of Windows XP or later versions.

  • Experience using Internet Explorer or equivalent browser.

  • Have attended or have equivalent knowledge of QA’s HTML Primer course (QAHTMLPRI).

  • Have attended or have equivalent knowledge of QA’s CSS Primer course (QACSSPRI).

  • Attendance of QA’s JavaScript and XML Primer courses (QJSPRI and QAXMLPRI) is useful but not essential.

  • Attendance of either QA’s Dreamweaver CS5 level 1 or Dreamweaver CS6 level 1 courses (or having equivalent knowledge) is recommended.

Please Note: If you attend a course and do not meet the prerequisites you may be asked to leave.


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