Microsoft Teams Workout: Basics

Are you new to Microsoft Teams or do you perhaps need to brush up your skills? If the answer is yes, enrol to this workout to get the basics in order!

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Microsoft Teams Workout: Basics

Microsoft Teams has plenty of features and the tool itself contains variety of small aspects. Although none that are particularly challenging, there are many different things to learn. With updates, they also change, so it is a good idea to keep the toolkit in hand to make it easier to work.

The workout is a great forum to raise any questions you may have. Feel free to ask any Teams related questions in this platform and it will be answered!

Contents of the workout:

Getting the basics right

  • Ways Teams can be utilised? Can you access Teams on your mobile?
  • Features of Teams?
  • What are applications (Apps)?
  • Where can I find help?
  • How to search for messages and more in Teams?
  • Where can I find Teams´ settings?
  • How to adjust notifications in Teams?

Teams – the core components of Microsoft Teams

  • How to join or leave a team?
  • What are Channels, the basis of conversation and location of files?
  • What are tabs?

Conversations, i.e. chats between team members

  • How to start a conversation with a colleague?
  • How to add participants to a conversation?
  • How to switch a conversation to a call and how to share a screen?

Basics of a Teams meeting

  • How to set up a meeting?
  • What should everyone know about the roles or settings of a meeting?
  • How to share content during a meeting?

This workout is a basic level remote training and you can easily join from your workstation. Enroll and start today!

Sovelto Easy workouts make learning easy!

Join in with Microsoft Teams and learn from Sovelto’s experienced instructors. We will cover all M365 tools you use in your daily work.

Check out all Sovelto Easy Workouts here.

Select the time and topic that suits you best, put your headset on and start learning!


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Antti Kivivalli

Antti Kivivalli


MCT, MCP, MCTS Project.


Antti Kivivalli

Antti Kivivalli


MCT, MCP, MCTS Project.