Optimal Motivation®

Optimal Motivation® makes the bold claim that motivation is a skill that can be taught, learned, nurtured, and sustained. Individuals can be taught how to choose a high-quality motivational experience at any time and for any task. Leaders learn that their role is to help employees make a shift toward an optimal motivational outlook.

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Optimal Motivation®


Disengaged employees cost organizations billions of dollars every year, and yet most managers have no idea the root source of the problem and how to turn things around. The key to engagement is the quality of an employee’s motivation in the workplace. Optimal Motivation® teaches your managers how to activate higher levels of motivation that are proven to increase engagement and overall business performance.



Motivation is at the heart of everything employees do, or don’t do. People are always motivated, but there are different types of motivation and it’s the quality of their motivation that impacts results. When managers understand the nature of motivation in an organization and how to help their people shift to optimal motivation, they create a workplace environment where people achieve goals, sustain high performance, and flourish.


Motivational training for employees increases engagement | ken blanchard INCREASE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT

Day-to-day optimal motivation is the fuel that increases employee engagement and employee work passion.

Optimal motivation in organizations improves well-being | ken blanchard ENHANCE WELL-BEING

By facilitating optimal motivation conversations, managers improve their team members’ positive energy, vitality, and overall well-being.

Increase productivity with motivational training for employees | ken blanchard INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & RETENTION

Optimally motivated employees are more productive, achieve higher-quality results, and are more likely to stay at the company.



We know that turning around an employee engagement issue is a difficult job, and having the right motivation is the solution.

Optimal Motivation helps your managers shift from “how do I motivate someone?” to understanding why a person is motivated and helping them shift to the optimal motivation required to produce the desired results.

An added value of Optimal Motivation is that by learning the skills to facilitate their people’s shift, managers learn how to shift their own motivation. A leader who is not optimally motivated is not likely to activate optimal motivation in those they lead.

Based upon the latest scientific research on the nature of human motivation, our experts have developed a powerful program that teaches managers the three skills needed to activate optimal motivation with employees in the workplace.


Results-oriented managers and executives interested in using Optimal Motivation best practices to facilitate people’s positive energy, vitality, and a sense of well-being. Individuals interested in learning the skill of activating Optimal Motivation for themselves to achieve and sustain high performance.


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Pasi Lehtiniemi

Pasi Lehtiniemi

Pasi is an experienced business leader and leadership developer. He has over 20 years of work experience in business development, project management and team leadership. He has been in charge of multiple complex change programmes in challenging business environments.

Pasi works as an executive consultant on the field of project management and leadership development. His personal interest focuses on knowledge management, people centered leadership, and team dynamics.

Trainer accreditations:
The Ken Blanchard Companies: Self Leadership, The SLII Experience™, Coaching Essentials, Building Trust, Team Leadership, Leading People Through Change, Optimal Motivation, Legendary Service. Wiley: Everything DiSC®, DiSC® Work f Leaders, The Five Behaviors™.