Oracle Database Upgrade Learning Subscription

Database administrators and architects: learn how to upgrade your existing databases to the latest release and get Oracle Certified along the way.

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Oracle Database Upgrade Learning Subscription is digital self-paced subscription which is designed to help students understand the requirements and skills needed to upgrade their current 11g or 12c On-Premises databases to Oracle Database 12c Release 2 On-Premises or to the Cloud.

Through guided video training, use cases and hands-on labs, this Oracle Database training will help you develop a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully upgrade.

As the Oracle Database moves to a continuous release model, new features will be added more rapidly than ever before. Subscription content helps you stay current with new functionalities for the entire year your subscription is available.

Subscribe and get 24/7 access to continuously updated Oracle Database training for 12 months.

Included in this subscription are a number of video-based lessons and use-cases by Oracle experts to help guide the user. In addition, with the right training and prerequisite requirements, you will have the opportunity to sit for a free Oracle Database 12c R2 upgrade certification exam, which is part of this all inclusive package.

  • Consume over 20 days worth of targeted lessons designed for database administrators and database architects and sit for two certification exams for one low cost.
  • Deep dive into database management, configuration, performance monitoring and Oracle 12c new features through expert-led on demand videos.
  • Engage with video content exactly when you need it by viewing topic-based learning channels.
  • Access to subscription content that constantly evolves as the product changes.
  • Challenge yourself over a 12-month period to expand your skill set, one area at a time.
  • Deep dive into Oracle 12c new features for DBA professionals to develop subject matter expertise.

Skills Learned

  • Manage the Oracle multitenant container databases and pluggable databases.
  • Configure Heat Map and use Automatic Data optimization.
  • Benefit from Online Datafile Move.
  • Increase SQL performance using the In-Memory Column-Store enhancements.
  • Perform pluggable database flashback.
  • Manage security using enhancements.
  • Manage data availability by using Recovery Manager.
  • Monitor your databases using DB operations enhancements.
  • Benefit from enhancements in partitioning methods.
  • Benefit from ADR automatic space file management.
  • Use the Trace File Analyzer collector to diagnose issues.
  • Use the new SQL*Plus history commands.
  • Use the new SQLcl.
  • Describe the Oracle Public Cloud services related to database management.

Preview Oracle Database Upgrade Learning Subscription

Earn Your Oracle 12c Certification to Validate Your Knowledge

This learning subscription includes an attempt to take each of the below mentioned Oracle Certification exams during the 12-month subscription period. Earning your Oracle 12c certification officially validates your skills set and enhances your professional credibility.

Certification exams included with this subscription:

Target audience

  • Database administrators
  • Database architects


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