Reviewing Threats of Today and Tomorrow

Join this exclusive one day workshop for IT Pros and get ready for a deep-dive and super intense time hosted by Paula Januszkiewicz! Seats are limited so be fast!

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Reviewing Threats of Today and Tomorrow

Join this exclusive one day workshop with Paula Januszkiewicz

We want to show you ways of preventing execution of malicious code and in case it got executed, we want to show you how to limit the impact. Also, we will talk about how and what to monitor in your environment, in order to be able effectively discover malicious activity as it is not that uncommon for companies to be under attack for quite a long time before realizing you have been hacked.

Join first level of this workshop for IT Pros and get ready for a deep-dive and super intense time!

As CQURE, we are performing countless penetration tests and audits and because of that we acquired quite unique and comprehensive view on how security posture across many different companies looks like. From those experiences we have been able to derive what the biggest threats and common misconfigurations are and obtain quite clear view on what kind of impacts your company can expect. We also see many misconfigurations when it comes to code execution prevention and in many cases, we can see employees using privileged accounts for their daily work. This is exactly what we want to talk about during this training!

Who is this workshop recommended

Network administrators, infrastructure architects, security professionals, systems engineers, network administrators, IT professionals, security consultants and other people responsible for implementing network and perimeter security.


Authors’ unique tools, presentation slides with notes, workshop instructions.


At the end participants will receive the online Certificate of attendance signed by the CQURE Speaker.


PAULA says: Pure coolness with a value! This training shows how to overuse mistakes that are made nowadays in the infrastructures. It is great to learn from other people’s mistakes, right?

Full Agenda for the workshop

Module 1: Threats of today and tomorrow

This module demonstrates the importance of security mechanisms on real life examples and allows for better understanding of the impact that these attacks may have on your organization.
1. Devastating cyber incidents and how to learn from them
2. Impact of advanced malware on the enterprise
3. Security trends for 2020
4. Attack kill-chain and techniques
5. Techniques used by modern malware
6. Social engineering
7. Attacks on identity
8. Microsoft Intune

Module 2: Building Cybersecurity Strategy – Bridging the Gap Between Security and IT to Build Better Security Response

Security Operations teams are dependent on IT and supporting systems to provide them with the required information and processes enabling quick security response. In practice, executing the investigation around the kill chain requires lots of resources. Especially because the idea of a whole kill chain has changed over years to reach its current form. In this part you will learn how to improve the cooperation in between the teams and how to stop the attack before it even happens and how to identify is after it happens.
1. Incident Handling, and Incident Management
2. Incident Response Policy and Plan Checklist
3. Incident Management with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (MD ATP)

Module 3: Office 365 Advanced Security for GDPR and Compliance

GDPR is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy that affects organizations all over the world. Huge fines for non-compliance or violation pushes companies to adopt to new standards. Join us and explore advanced security features which Office 365 offers. Understand how you can get even more out of your existing subscription in this demo intense module. Everything with an importance of GDPR and Compliance with the law and standards in the background. In this module we will focus on:
1. Office 365 advanced security – Office 365 ATP
2. Office 365 data protection
3. GDPR requirements overview
4. Office 365 features for GDPR
5. Office 365 Data Loss Prevention
6. Azure Information Protection

Module 4: Infrastructure Security – attacking and Securing Windows Network Solutions

Starting from simple network sniffing, ending up with advanced network monitoring.
1. Port scanning techniques
2. Vulnerability scanning
3. Lateral movement
4. Internal network attacks
5. Password attacks
6. Multi Factor Authentication with Azure
7. Detecting attacks with Machine Learning
8. Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)


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