Sovelto Hybrid: Azure Cloud Admin

Take an all-inclusive journey into the wonderful world of Microsoft Azure and acquire certification. The learning program includes self-study and workshops, which ensure that you get the best possible benefit from your studies.


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The companies’ on-premises server room environments have, in recent years, become smaller and partly even disappeared altogether, as there has been an explosive growth in companies using cloud services, due to their scalability, availability, cost-effectiveness and numerous other benefits. Microsoft Azure has been around in the cloud services market for a little less than a decade, and is one of the two most popular cloud service providers.

About the Azure Cloud Admin learning program

This is a great opportunity for you to go on a rewarding journey into the depths of Azure. This hybrid learning program culminates in the completion of the Microsoft 70-533 “Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions” certification. The Azure Cloud Admin program progresses at a suitable speed, taking advantage of self-study modules and workshops, to ensure that you can fully assimilate the information being taught.

The duration of the learning program is three and a half months. Self-study takes approximately eight hours per week. This means that you can complete your studies alongside work, using new technologies to gradually complete the learning program in your own environment. You will have access to the Sovelto Space collaborative learning platform, which enables experiences and questions to be shared, and students to coach each other. The platform is managed by an experienced trainer. This means that you can enjoy both the freedom of self-study and the support of a learning community!

The learning program is intended for people interested in cloud technology, whether IT professionals or those aspiring to be. The completion of the learning program on schedule requires some prior knowledge of IT infrastructure. In the case of no prior knowledge, be prepared to set aside time for additional study.



  • Webinar 27 Aug, 09:00–10:30

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

  • Self-study, 2 weeks, 27 Aug–9 Sep

Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks

  • Self-study, 2 weeks, 10–23 Sep

Microsoft Azure Storage

  • Self-study, 2 weeks, 24 Sep–7 Oct


  • 2 days of classroom training on Sovelto premises, 20–21 Sep

Microsoft Azure Identity

  • Self-study, 2 weeks, 8–21 Oct

Databases in Azure

  • Self-study, 2 weeks, 22 Oct–4 Nov

Azure App Services

  • Self-study, 2 weeks, 5–18 Nov

Automating Azure Workloads

  • Self-study, 2 weeks, 19 Nov–2 Dec

Exam preparation workshop

  • 2 days of classroom training on Sovelto premises, 10–11 Dec

Sovelto hybrid azure cloud admin


What can you expect to learn and how

The program starts with a 90-minute kickoff webinar with the aim of introducing participants to each other, agreeing on appropriate practices, and ensuring that each participant’s learning environment is good to go (including Azure subscription, Sovelto Space, and self-study modules).

The first self-study package

The learning program includes a total of seven self-study modules, which focus primarily on Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions. After completing every self-study module, you will get a certificate of completion in Microsoft Academy. During the first self-study package, you will complete three modules related to IaaS solutions.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

  • How IaaS uses virtual machines and the basic concepts of endpoints and IP addressing.
  • How to determine virtual machine workloads and correctly size your virtual machines.
  • How to plan, create, and deploy Azure Windows virtual machines.
  • How to configure virtual machine IP addresses, availability, scalability, and security.
  • How to manage, attach, import and export virtual disks.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks

  • How to plan virtual networks in Microsoft Azure.
  • How to implement and manage virtual networks.
  • How to configure inter-site connectivity with Microsoft Azure virtual networks.

Microsoft Azure Storage

  • How to plan for Azure storage, including choice of the most appropriate storage for a given scenario, and for billable storage requests and backup and recovery requirements.
  • How to implement and manage Azure storage, including creating a storage account and choosing a storage access tool.
  • How to implement blobs, tables and queues, and Azure files.
  • How to monitor storage and implement Azure Backup.



Participation in the workshop requires that you have successfully completed the previous self-study modules. The workshop will be held on Sovelto premises or online, if you so wish. The workshop lasts for two days, during which we focus on building cloud service solutions through case exercises. You can forget about PowerPoint presentations, as this workshop is all about learning by doing. Case exercises are done in small groups, and your solutions are also presented in the group, so as to broaden participants’ knowledge. The workshop also enables discussion of questions that have arisen during the first self-study package.

The second self-study package

During the second self-study package, you will complete four modules related to PaaS solutions and automation

Microsoft Azure Identity

  • How to create and manage Azure Active Directory (AD) directories.
  • How to implement applications in Azure AD.
  • How to extend on-premises AD to Azure.
  • How to configure multi-factor authentication.

Databases in Azure

  • How to plan for, deploy, and provision Azure SQL Database.
  • How to implement, secure, and manage Azure SQL Database.
  • How to use metrics, alerts, auditing, and dynamic management views to monitor Azure SQL Database.
  • How to use Azure SQL Data Warehouse for Big Data solutions.

Microsoft Azure App Service

  • How to describe Azure App Service
  • Deployment of Web Apps using Azure App Service
  • How to manage deployed Web Apps and Web Jobs
  • Deployment of Mobile apps
  • How to manage Mobile App deployments
  • How to create and modify ARM templates for use with App Service deployments

Automating Azure Workloads

  • How to define environments and configurations using ARM Templates and integrate those templates with other automation services
  • How to use Desired State Configuration
  • How to implement Runbooks
  • How to Implement Workflows
  • How to use Azure Automation to integrate multiple automation components.

Exam preparation workshop

Participation in the exam preparation workshop requires that you have successfully completed the previous self-study modules. The workshop goes over the topics of the learning program, and discusses the question types and strategies involved in completing the 70-533 exam. Before the workshop, questions about topics of interest are collected from participants. The program includes one practice exam, the official certification exam, and one retake.


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