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Cloud is the new normal. Most new systems and system updates are based on, or at least rely on, cloud technologies. This means that you simply have to know cloud technologies. The aim of this learning program is to make you a skilled and certified Azure Architect!



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Azure is changing rapidly. If you became acquainted with it some time ago, but have not kept track of developments in recent years, your skills are likely to be outdated. Azure is a large whole, and you have to study hard and long to learn the technologies that an Azure Architect is required to master. Now is your opportunity to take your skills to the next level!

About the Azure Cloud Architect learning program

The Azure Cloud Architect learning program does more than scratch the surface. After completing the program, you, and others, will know that you have mastered Azure. The program lasts a total of four months and takes an estimated ten hours per week. The program includes numerous group assignments in which the chosen architecture is designed and presented. The aim is that you will grow into a solution seller who can explain the pros and cons of the chosen architecture. You will know how to present the architecture in great detail, but, if necessary, also in the form of an executive summary. You will be able to summarize how the chosen architecture solves your customer’s problem. In the end, this is what good architecture design is always about.

The learning program is targeted at application architects and project managers. This program includes advanced subject matter, and its completion in the estimated time of approximately ten hours per week requires some prior knowledge of Azure. In the case of no prior knowledge, be prepared to spend more time to complete your studies successfully. The learning program requires basic application development skills, preferably in .NET technologies. Because many of the assignments are done in groups, not all members of the group are expected to be able to code.

Study materials include Sovelto material and Azure documentation, as well as the MOC (Microsoft Official Course) 20535A: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions materials for self-study. This learning program prepares you for the “70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions” exam. The program includes one practice exam, the official certification exam, and one retake.

You will have access to the Sovelto Space collaborative learning platform, which enables experiences and questions to be shared, and students to coach each other. The platform is managed by an experienced trainer. This means that you can enjoy both the freedom of self-study and the support of a learning community!




  • 1 day of classroom training on Sovelto premises, Mon 10 Sep

The first self-study package

  • Self-study, 2 weeks
  • Online study, Mon 24 Sep, 9:00–11:00

The second self-study package

  • Self-study, 2 weeks
  • Online study, Mon 8 Oct, 9:00–11:00

The third self-study package

  • Self-study, 2 weeks
  • Online study, Mon 22 Oct, 9:00–11:00

The fourth self-study package

  • Self-study, 2 weeks
  • Online study, Mon 5 Nov, 9:00–11:00

The fifth self-study package

  • Self-study, 2 weeks
  • Online study, 19 Nov, 9:00–11:00


  • 2 days of classroom training on Sovelto premises, 3–4 Dec

Sovelto hybrid Azure cloud architect

What can you expect to learn and how?


The kickoff is a one-day classroom session with the aim of introducing participants to each other, agreeing on appropriate practices, ensuring that each participant’s learning environment is good to go (including Azure subscription, Sovelto Space, and self-study modules), and forming work groups. This is also when the course material “Course 20535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions” is handed out.

Self-study packages

The self-study packages are guided, two-week study periods that end in a two-hour online session. During the self-study packages, participants learn the chosen technology. During each study period, the groups also complete two assignments:

  1. A solution to an assignment using a hands-on approach, in order to get a realistic experience of using the technology.
  2. A presentation created by each group, describing the solution and the used technology. The purpose of this presentation is for the students to assimilate the topic of the study period and train them to present the solution in an understandable form.


Preparing (and giving) a presentation on the technology helps the students to assimilate new concepts and to use them in architecture design. The aim is to understand the technology in such a way that it can also be approached on an abstract level. Each group completes the assignment, gives presentations, and assesses the work of the other two groups.

Content of the self-study packages

  1. Application Architecture Patterns in Azure, Deploying Resources with Azure Resource Manager, Building Azure IaaS-Based Server Applications
  2. Creating Managed Server Applications in Azure, Backing Azure Solutions with Azure Storage
  3. Comparing Database Options in Azure, Networking Azure Application Components
  4. Integrating SaaS Services Available on the Azure Platform, Integrating Azure Solution Components using Messaging Services
  5. Monitoring and Automating Azure Solutions


The learning program ends with a two-day classroom study period that first crystallizes the practices of a good consultant and the methods of solution selling. This is followed by practicing making and presenting a solution-oriented sales pitch. Each day, the groups propose a solution for the given case, which is presented to the customer. The proposed solution should describe the used (Azure) technology, the benefits to the customer, and how the customer’s challenges can be solved. The proposal should also include a cost estimate.

Certification exam

Two weeks after the end of the program, participants will have the opportunity to take the “70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions” exam.



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Responsible person

Ahti Haukilehto

Ahti Haukilehto


DI, MCPD: EAD, MCSD (.NET), MCBMSS, MCT, Expert in .NET software architecture.