SoveltoX: Querying Data with Transact-SQL

Transact-SQL is an essential skill for data professionals and developers working with SQL databases.

This is a virtual course run on SoveltoX platform.

Pursue a verified certificate to highlight the knowledge and skills you gain. See related products below for more.

Study on SoveltoX

This is a self-study course in SoveltoX learning platform. The course is free of charge. Optionally you may verify your course completion with official Microsoft certificate through using Course Completion Voucher!

With this combination of expert instruction, demonstrations, and practical labs, step from your first SELECT statement through to implementing transactional programmatic logic.

Work through multiple modules, each of which explore a key area of the Transact-SQL language, with a focus on querying and modifying data in Microsoft SQL Server or Azure SQL Database. The labs in this course use a sample database that can be deployed easily in Azure SQL Database, so you get hands-on experience with Transact-SQL without installing or configuring a database server.

What you’ll learn

  • Create Transact-SQL SELECT queries
  • Work with data types and NULL
  • Query multiple tables with JOIN
  • Explore set operators
  • Use functions and aggregate data
  • Work with subqueries and APPLY
  • Use table expressions
  • Group sets and pivot data
  • Modify data
  • Program with Transact-SQL
  • Implement error handling and transactions

Course Introduction

Transact-SQL is a fundamental skill for anyone who needs to work with databases and data. We hope you have an enriching and engaging learning experience.

The course is organized into modules that each contain one or more lessons, which in turn contain topics.

The course will take an estimated 6-8 hours per week for six weeks, including lecture, further reading, hands-on labs, and assessments.

The course is self-paced, so you are expected to work through the materials and submit the graded assignments at your own pace.

Module assessments account for 60% of the total grade, and the final assessment accounts for the remaining 40%. You must achieve an overall score of 70% to pass the course.

Course Contents

Section 1: Modules 1-2

Module 1: Introduction to Transact-SQL

Lab 1: Introduction to Transact-SQL

Module 2: Querying Tables with SELECT

Lab 2: Querying Tables with SELECT

Section 2: Modules 3-5

Module 3: Querying Multiple Tables with Joins

Lab 3: Querying Multiple Tables with Joins

Module 4: Using Set Operators

Lab 4: Using Set Operators

Module 5: Using Functions and Aggregating Data

Lab 5: Using Functions and Aggregating Data

Section 3: Modules 6-8

Module 6: Using Subqueries and APPLY

Lab 6: Using Subqueries and APPLY

Module 7: Using Table Expressions

Lab 7: Using Table Expressions

Module 8: Grouping Sets and Pivoting Data

Lab 8: Grouping Sets and Pivoting Data

Section 4: Modules 9-11

Module 9: Modifying Data

Lab 9: Modifying Data

Module 10: Programming with Transact-SQL

Lab 10: Programming with Transact-SQL

Module 11: Error Handling and Transactions

Lab 11: Error Handling and Transactions





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