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Get a nice and useful Christmas gift for yourself that will ensure your expertise for a new year and a long way to the future! Our exclusive offer includes a Microsoft On-Demand service for 2600 euros a year. Order by 20.12.2018 at the latest! We have only limited amount of these packages available – be fast!

When paid with Sovelto Access -credits, you will be charged the corresponding amount of credits to the Euro-price. Please contact sales: 020 7776 670 or myyntipalvelu@sovelto.fi for exact amount of credits in your case.

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Or contact sales: +358 20 7776 670 or myyntipalvelu@sovelto.fi

The softest Christmas gift includes 59 Microsoft On-Demand -courses

You get access to 59 Microsoft’s official on-demand (MOD) courses. Your license is valid for one year of activation, during which time you can study whenever you like.

We have limited amount of these packages available – be fast!

The package includes courses for the following entities (see the detailed courses below):

  • 6 Azure MOD-courses
  • 21 Windows Server MOD-courses
  • 15 SQL Server MOD-courses
  • 4 Exchange MOD-courses
  • 2 .NET MOD-courses
  • 4 SharePoint MOD-courses
  • 3 Applications MOD-courses
  • 4 Windows Client MOD-courses

The MOD courses consist of HD-quality videos, virtual training environments, and competence review tests. This form of learning is especially suitable for those who find it difficult to break away into class-day education.

After ordering the package, we will provide access before Christmas (by 23.12.), after which you have 30 days to activate the order. The courses included in this package also allow you to prepare for MCP Certification exams. The package does not contain any tests.

For more information on testing and booking the test time, please visit our Certification Website.

Our personal customer service will be happy to assist you if you have any other questions or would like to pay with the Sovelto Access payment method.

Self-study really is worth it!

All the MOD -courses in the Xmas On-Demand package include:

HD-Quality Videos

Educational videos designed by experts help ensure that you get everything you need to learn.

Virtual Exercises

Hands-on exercises allow you to try and solve the challenges you face in practic. This ensures that you know how to apply the skills you have learned. Snapshot-feature lets you pause and resume to the point you were.

Virtual Support

Experts are available to you 24/7, so you do not have to go looking for solutions from the Internet.

Authorized Courses

The courses included in the service are made by Microsoft, so you can be sure that the content is updated.

Measuring Progress

Learning assessment assures at the end of each module that you know new skills. If necessary, you can review before moving forward.


You will automatically receive new updates for the courses.

The MOD -courses included in the package are:

Microsoft Azure
Windows Server
SQL Server
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft .NET
Windows Client


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