New technologies

In the role of an IT expert, it is no longer enough to be a guru in your specific professional field. Communication, self-leadership, time management and team management skills, new general developments in the field, and the role of technology for business – these are just some of the things today’s experts must understand.

There are different types of dreams. Are you a guru in your specific technological field? Or would you like your career path to take you towards roles requiring more strategic thinking and a broader perspective?


New forms of upgrading Your mind

Studies show that only 10% of learning takes place through training in the form of courses. We actually adopt new competencies through feedback, on-the-job and off-the-job learning, and practical application. Why, then, have competence development solutions not supported this crucial observation? This is what we want to change.


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New and exciting stuff

Thing2Data project is a way to implement IoT, Internet of Things, even for things that can’t connect to the Internet by themselves. Read more »

At Sovelto, we are always eager to test new gadgets and equipment, such as Microsoft HoloLens. Read about virtual reality here: Augmented and virtual reality »