Identity to all things

What if the most mundane things could talk? Thing2Data gives an identity to all things and acts as their advocate. Thing2Data is a cloud platform to be released in 2017.

Hackathon Challenge: #TalkingPlants with Fiskars

What if an apple tree could tell it needs to be pruned, and pruning scissors in the shed could react by telling they can help? Imagine how this could change the way we do gardening. And how it could bring more value to our lives. This innovation challenge aims at making it possible for plants to “talk” and tools and available services to “listen” – with the help of an innovative software based IoT solution, Thing2Data. This challenge will be the first chance for developers to get access to the Thing2Data API, which will become publicly available later. Application time ended May 10th. Challenge took place Jun 8th – Jun 9th 2017 in Helsinki.

The Game is closed!


The winners of are Team Futuriot, Shed and Tieto! Congratz!!






Introduction to Thing2Data architecture
(April 2017) This introduction describes full API-functionality of Thing2Data reference implementation not including all maintenance related features. Initially only Thing2Data Lite version will be available. Available features can be checked from Swagger documentation (see below).

Thing2Data Lite Swagger documentation
(live site, created by Sovelto T2D Team)

ThingToData API Tutorial document
(June 2017 by Heikki Raatikainen, pdf)

ThingToData CURL ThingStories
(June 2017 by Ahti Haukilehto, pdf)