Study at your own pace for free

SoveltoX is a web-based learning environment that includes a wide range of self-study courses, most of which are free to run. Free-of-charge offerings include Microsoft’s official self-study courses on today’s hottest topics ranging from cloud computing to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

You pay only for a voluntary certificate of performance

You can study SoveltoX courses as much as you like. You only pay if you want the course performance certificate. The certificate is stored electronically in the Microsoft Academy system. You can order the code required for the course certificate here.

Duration of courses

Course times vary from a few hours to several hours. There are also roadmaps to guide you to a broader topic through several self-study courses. Below is an example of a nine course Microsoft Azure roadmap.


How to study in SoveltoX

On the SoveltoX platform, you first need to register and then you can start taking the courses. The user interface on the SoveltoX platform is in English. Some course contents are in Finnish, but many in English. Here’s a short video (spoken in Finnish) where you can see the platform:

Have a look at the courses and jump onto the SoveltoX platform!

There is also Sovelto Channel digital learning platform

In addition to SoveltoX we offer a digital learning platform called Sovelto Channel. There you won’t be left alone with your questions. Instead, you can discuss, share experiences and ask questions directly from the trainer or other students. The platform supports your progress and tracks your proceeding.

Sovelto Channel contains short video clips, “nano clips” as we call them. Some are in Finnish, some in English. Subject areas include communication skills and team work, Business Intelligence & Data Analysis, team leading and management, graphical skills, IT infrastructure, technological views, well-being and productivity, sales and customer service, individual learning support, software development, fluent knowledge work etc.

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