Leadership in Change

The working world is undergoing a major change. The mechanisms in the economy, communication, and value chains have changed irrevocably. The world moves on, whether we want it to or not.

The playing field has also changed for leadership and the competencies of leaders, since the days of smokestack industry. Leadership is required on every level and in different forms, and not just from leaders. Employees doing routine tasks are also expected to lead themselves, to manage virtual teams, and to make technological choices.

We recognise the forces of change and their effect on the competence requirements of the working world and specific work tasks. We will help and guide you and your organisation to grow, by developing existing and new competencies, rationalising work, and making better use of technology.

Build a learning path for you and your organisation.


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Leading through knowledge is not about number-crunching

Johannes Jokelin
It is still people who make the decisions, not machines. For now, numbers constitute just one viewpoint. If decisions were made only based on numbers, we would be truly lost.






Successful projects by leading through knowledge

Kimmo Hautsalo
Being a project manager is one of the most challenging roles. The competence map for a project manager includes various elements. You can receive training on some of these elements, while there are others that are purely related to your personality or experience. One of the best-known and, at the same time, most challenging of these elements is communication.