Change Your Learning Culture

With Sovelto continuous learning services you will be able to choose the learning methods that fit you the best. You can do self-studies or attend instructor led sessions with your peers when the time and mod is right. Choice is truly yours.

Sovelto PRO

Train yourself or your organization to master a wide array of modern technologies, that have your back and front covered, ranging from Azure and AWS to Javascript, RedHat and beyond.

With Sovelto PRO, you get instructor-led online and live courses, weekly online trainings and expert community support, where learners can chat directly with our professional trainers and other learners, all-in-one. 


PRO-guarantee is issued to courses marked with PRO-guarantee -tag. Courses tagged with Sovelto PRO -tag are guaranteed to run to all Sovelto PRO -customers at the time spesified. There is no hassle with cancelled courses and you can sit back and get ready for your studies.


Sovelto Easy

Sovelto Easy is a comprehensive, complete package that for a monthly fee gives your organization access to regular online workout, as well as 450 custom self-study videos. In addition to this, you will be among the first to be invited to Sovelto’s open webinars. Never before has it been this easy and cost efficient to learn new skills!