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VR / Virtual Reality – Experience a new way to learn 
learning is  

Sovelto offers now a possibility to learn in a virtual space. This new technology provides many advantages for you – you will enhance your learning results and at the same time save time and travel expenses.

In addition virtual learning is fun. You are truly present in this immersive experience with fellow learners. Together you’re able to take everything out of the possibilities of virtual space – be free of all limitations of physical space.

Be a forerunner and learn better

Join the forerunners and utilize the possibilities of virtual training now! As a learner a truly immersive training leaves you with enhanced results. To put it simply – you will learn better. If you train yourself – Sovelto can introduce you all the benefits of virtual training without any prior investments to hardware.


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Virtual learning enhances your learning results

Virtual training makes you free from the constraints of physical place. The immersive experience enhances your learning results and makes the training more memorable. You will also save both time and money by cutting the travel to a training location. And by cutting travel you will also leave a smaller carbon footprint. 

Scrum tutuksi -virtuaalikoulutus

Ota Scrum haltuusi kahden aamupäivän aikana (in Finnish).

Possibilities of virtual training -workshop

We show you the possibilities – without hardware investments. 

Sovelto pioneered with VR/AR -service program

Sovelto was a catalyst in a service program that studied the possibilities of VR/AR -technology in industrial service. Program ended  in Autumn 2018 and we’re glad to share the results with you. 

See our virtual trainings or suggest a topic for your organization. We are adding virtual trainings constantly – check out the possibilities.

Our partners in delivering immersive experiences

Together we create immersive training experiences to remember