Sovelto Easy

O365 and Office applications with Sovelto Easy

Take control of your Office 365 tools 

Sovelto Easy is a comprehensive, complete package that gives your organization access to regular online workouts for one month for, as well as 450 custom video self-study videos. In addition to this, you will be among the first to be invited to Sovelto’s open webinars. 

Never before has it been this easy and cost efficient to learn new skills! 

Be on top of Office 365 applications and gain a good understanding of tools you need in your daily work - Easily.

Easy helps you take control of O365 and Office applications. Choose from various methods. Which combination would suit you best? 

  • Compact online workout training from anywhere (duration 1-1,5 hours).
  • Video Library for self-study online.
  • Webinars offering new topics and perspectives.

Get started fast and learn as part of your job. Easy is a continuous education service based on a 12-month contract. For example, for an organization with 100 employees, the cost is 4 €/person/ month.

Get access to all trainer-led Online Workouts (Excel, Word, Power-Point, Outlook, …) We perform about 300 workouts a year! 

Video Library

Our video library contains 450 videos concentrating on specific topics you might run into. The videos are short and specific, lasting about 2-5 minutes. 

Webinars on information work and much more

You will be among the first to receive invitations to Sovelto’s expert webinars.

Learning support

Interactive peer-to-peer and collaborative learning and knowledge sharing.  

Why is Sovelto Easy such a powerful tool?

Sovelto Easy utilizes three pedagogical approaches; interactivity, self-study and listening. 

Trainer-driven, interactive peer-to-peer trainings give you information, ideas, and motivation for your work. 

Sovelto Channel is a self-study environment that supports learning while working. Answers to your questions will be found directly in the video clips. The trainer can be contacted through the chat service, which is part of Sovelto Channel. 

Webinars will deepen your knowledge of specific topics. Sit back and enjoy the webinars which have been carefully planned for you. 

Our learning philosophy is based on the 70-20-10 model. This model increases the impact of learning. Different forms of learning support the success and efficiency of work-based learning. 

Online Workouts focus on one topic at a time. After a class, it’s easy to apply what you’ve learned and see how your work gets better! You are entitled to attend every scheduled Online Workout during the entire contract period. 

Regular webinars give you a new perspective on both working life in general and your own work. 

Sovelto Channel’s course units are based on modern and good practices. The content is divided into short sections. This is to assure the learners patience and intensive self-studies. The learner actively participates in his/her own learning process by creating an own learning plan, scheduling it, and monitoring his/her personal progress.