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Familiarize with the fundamentals of security, compliance, and identity (SCI) across cloud-based and related Microsoft services. 
Take a risk-based approach to testing and ensure applications are fit for business purpose.
Use advanced technical competency to better evaluate technical system attributes.
Crafted for testers, this training gives an understanding of how Agile projects are organised, teaching commonly applied Agile development and testing practices.
Do you know Azure's new role-based certifications and training paths already? Is your job maintaining and managing Azure? Find out about your skill level with a practice exam that will help you figure out what you know and where you need sparring.
Gain essential testing skills and build your career with this industry standard qualification for software testing professionals from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. This eLearning course is provided by Knowit with materials from Planit. Price does not include certification exam. You have full access to the material for 12 months after activating Your order.
This course gives a great basis if you are currently in or looking to move into a leadership role. Designed for test managers and senior testers, who want to develop their leadership skills, especially around resourcing and managing a test team.
Effectively plan your projects by effectively managing risk.
Learn practical & flexible techniques for software testing that are applicable at any level of testing. Benefit from a practical walk-through of the testing process.
Enter the mobile testing arena with this certified course by the American Software Testing Qualifications Board.
Develop a truly niche skillset in security testing and gain recognition as an advanced security testing professional.
Build your test management skills and move into a more senior role as a testing professional.
Build upon your Foundation-level skills with advanced test design techniques that have a real-world emphasis.
Microsoft has made changes to its Azure Certifications to make them more role-based. Update your certification with a special bundle package which you can only purchase from Sovelto. The package includes Measure-Up practice exam + self-learning material + voucher for the transition exam + administration fees