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Do you want to know your strengths and areas for development as a leader?
Hanki virallinen ja kansainvälisesti hyväksytty PRINCE2®-projektijohtamisen sertifikaatti nopeasti ja edullisesti.
Opi COBIT®5-viitekehys omaan tahtiisi tällä virallisella itseopiskelupaketilla. Sertifiointikoe sisältyy COBIT-itseopiskelumateriaalin hintaan!
This ITIL 4 Foundation contains the latest information and up to date learning. This training includes eLearning course and certification exam for ITIL4.
Take the next step in your career by developing your leadership skills for Agile teams with the iSQI Scrum Master Pro Certification.           
Everything DiSC® Workplace profile and personal coaching session.
1800 €
Scrum Master course covers the Scrum basics, such as the framework, theory of Scrum, roles, events, and artifacts. The course also covers the more advanced themes, such as how to optimize value, productivity, and total costs.
Product Owner course covers the Scrum basics, such as the framework, theory of Scrum, roles, events, and artifacts. The course also covers the more advanced themes regarding to Product Owner’s role, such as how to optimize value, manage backlog, do release planning.
1200 €
Does your organization have a service mindset?
Coaching is the single most important managerial skill that separates a highly effective manager from the rest. The problem is, most managers don’t understand how critical coaching is for the development, growth, and performance of their people. Because they don’t know how to use coaching in their leadership style, their employees stay stuck on projects, becoming discouraged and demotivated.

Create Success With A Situational Approach to Leadership

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The success of your company’s strategic initiatives depends on the commitment and proactive behavior of those on the front line, the individual contributors who are responsible for executing and making it happen. When you arm individual contributors with the self leadership skillset and mindset, you build a healthy and empowered workforce that is accountable, innovative, and productive.
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Optimal Motivation® makes the bold claim that motivation is a skill that can be taught, learned, nurtured, and sustained. Individuals can be taught how to choose a high-quality motivational experience at any time and for any task. Leaders learn that their role is to help employees make a shift toward an optimal motivational outlook.
Training Program based on Patrick Lencioni's The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™
  The success story in the world to create a productive team! Here is the concrete steps for Patrick Lencioni's The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™.
Leading People Through Change® teaches leaders how to identify and address the typical stages of concern that employees go through, as well as how to use the appropriate strategy and behaviors to resolve the concerns. The model that is presented in this program can be applied to all types of change efforts, including mergers and acquisitions, business process reengineering, sales force expansion, and technology implementations.
1200 €
First-time managers who receive the necessary tools, skills, and training, right from the start, are set up to become effective leaders who can foster engaged, productive direct reports and drive greater results for your organization.
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