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Miten VR ja AR muuttavat palveluita ja työn tekemistä? Tulevaisuus on jo täällä. Hyödynnä uudet mahdollisuudet ja ilmoittaudu workshopiin!  
Tiimityön luonne ja toimintaympäristö on murroksessa. Pysytkö muutoksessa mukana vai kaipaatko buustia takaisin aallonharjalle? Ota Microsoft Teams käyttöön ja vie tiimisi toiminta uudelle levelille!
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Have you heard about OneNote? If not, join in and learn! Duration 1,5 hours
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Are you new to Microsoft Teams or do you perhaps need to brush up your skills? If the answer is yes, enrol to this workout to get the basics in order!
Managing files is essential – has always been. Microsoft 365 offers new possibilities and requires good old basic file management skills. Join in and explore the principles and you can easily understand and fulfil the policies of your own organisation.
Teams has become a central working environment in many organisations. One of the reasons for its popularity is the file management features. But how does Teams manage those files and what we, as users, should know about it?
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