Tons of tools for the SCCM Admin

Tons of tools for the SCCM Admin

Writer: Pertti Pellonpoika, FM, MCT, VCI, VCIX, VCAP

My selection of tools is based on what I have used, my customers have used and what they have asked for (need of customer). Some new but some so old that we, who have been working with SCCM over 10 year do not remember to tell about these to newbies. Some from Microsoft but mostly from 3rd party Sources. Some from steady companies, but many from (clever) individualist. So, I do not take any responsibility (I do not take SCCM Base product neither). And credit to makers not for me (‘Stealing with Pride’).

Learning, trying, testing

Part (or almost) of the product

  • CMtrace …
  • CCMEval …
  • PowerShell (ConfigurationManager.psd1) …
  • ADK
    • Used by SCCM and tools for you to make customized unattended file etc.
  • MDT
    • Task Sequence additions and specially UDI

Part (or almost) of the product

Included Old ClientTools

Deployment Monitoring Tool – troubleshooting deployments

Client Spy – software distribution, inventory, and software metering

Policy Spy – viewing and troubleshooting the policy

Included Old ServerTools

Content Library Explorer – Detailed view of every file in Distribution Point

Client Support Center

Replaces Client Spy & Policy Spy, Includes LogViewer

Now included in Tech Preview

SCCM SQL Database management

Client objects in SCCM

Client Install and Repair

ConfigMgr Client Health (Anders Rodland)

Client Management

  • Now Micro Right Click Tools
    • More and more in SCCM base product
      and can be made with SCCM Client
      Notification+Script+CMPivot but still nice to have
    • Requires: Connection from Console, DNS,
      Firewall exceptions, Admin Rights to target

Collections & Queries

Inventory extensions


It is easy to browse WMI Classes, beyond that:

There are dozens of examples of extending hardware inventory

To help extending inventory to collect of whatever machine registry information – use – old (updated) – and still valuable tool is RegKeyToMof

Reporting 1

SUG Compliance Dashboard (Free rdl) (Simon Bouillard)

Reporting 2

SCCM Dashboard (Free rdl) (Cordos Octavian)

Reporting 3

Yet Another Software Update Dashboard (Free rdl) (Bryan Dam)

Reporting 4

Collections (Free and not free)

Guides to make your own reports

Power BI

  1. First download and install Power BI:
  2. Then download and install SCCM template:
  3. Guide:
  4. And then user ready samples or learn: MOC 20778 Analyzing Data with Power BI

Power BI Reporting 1

Power BI Reporting 2

Power BI Reporting 3

Application Deployment

PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit (PSADT)

Custom notifications and actions before setup, during setup, after setup, ‘Deferrals’.

Application Content DL Settings

SCCM Set Content Tool (PersistCache, BranchCache, Fallbackto DP, DownloadOnSlow) ( Zeng Yinghua (Sandy) )

Application Deployment

Application Management

Application Installation Automation 1

Sources of solutions

Tool for small modifications to MSI

Application Installation Automation 2

And for real (re) packing tools to MSI or MISX

And for light tools to MSI:

Software Update Management

PatchMaster (Robert Marshall)

3rd Party updates with SCCM SUM

WSUS Server & DB

SCCM Build in cleaner is getting better (1806-), but still additional cleanup or script may be needed

The are tens of blogs and scripts, but the most important are:

Windows Update Agent (repair tools)

Windows 10 Build In Troubleshooter

Settings .. Troubleshoot .. Windows Update


>DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

>sfc /scannow


Stop services and remove folders etx.

Ready CMD for it – Reset Windows Update Agent (Manuel F.Gil)

OSD Front Ends (UIs)

ConfigMgr OSD FrontEnd (Nickolaj Andersen)

TsGui (Mike Pohatu)

UI++ (Jason Sandys)

AppTreeBuilder for UI++ (Teppo Vanhatalo)


Next year maybe Autopilo

OSD Upgrade UI

OSD Driver Management

OSD Monitoring

OSD Image Management


Add Features (like DotNet), Add Language Packs, Add Packages, Add Drivers, Add Files, Pick only one index (Enterprise) from WIM, Cleanup …

Removing Build-in Apps from Windows 10 WIM (Andre Picker)

Can be made with DISM /Remove-ProvisionedAppsPackage or PS> Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage, but it’s easier with:

Updating WIM – Automating Windows 10 Servicing

Update WIM (& Custom Setup) – OSDeploy

Compliance Baselines / Configuration Packs

Total SCCM wrappers


Tons of Tools

About using Tools

Use 3rd Party Tools only if you really need it


  • Test tool in separate lab environment
  • Do you have 100% trust for source?
  • To give SCCM Full Admin Right to the tool …
  • If tools works (as they usually do) without installing in Site Server – Do not install it to Site Server
  • Remember that when you have integrated Tool or bigger product you must always confirm that tool is working (or not destroying) when you update your SCCM
  • Remember that usually 3rd party tools are not tested as widely as SCCM base product. The combination of Server OS + SQL version + SCCM version + Client OS + Client SCCM Version -> Can be crucial
  • Source web site may not be available next week ..

Recommended SCCM training:

Sovelto site in English

Sovelto Courses in Finnish:

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