Cyber Security for Executives

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This course is intended for managers and leaders of organisations and businesses of any description and size. It is an introduction to Cyber Security and describes what it is, the terminology that is used, and the way that it affects all businesses and why managers need to understand more about it so that they can manage it more effectively.

Most organisations and businesses operate using the Internet and whilst this has reduced costs and constantly offers new opportunities, there are also risks involved which need to be understood as part of normal business management. This course will identify the main risks, explain why they are relevant and offer guidance on how to manage them. The course will include active discussions on Cyber Security topics.


  • Understand what Cyber Security is and the terminology used around it

  • Be aware of the threats faced by organizations and individuals

  • Understand some of the ways that these threats can affect their businesses

  • Understand the legal, regulatory and management responsibilities for protecting the business

  • Understand the means by which an organisation can protect itself in a cost effective way


The course is split into 3 modules with each examining a different facet of Cyber security and its relevance to modern businesses:

Module 1: Introduction to Cyber Security

This section looks at Cyber Security; the terminology and language used around it and its relevance today. It considers why Cyber Security is relevant to modern businesses and organization.

Module 2: What are the Risks of Doing Business?

This module considers: Is there a real cyber threat to businesses, what are these threats and how do they affect organisations and the individual?

It also examines the types of attack that can impact an organization. It will provide an overview of how attacks are conducted and techniques used such as; port scanning, network sniffing, phishing, social engineering, dumpster diving and physical attacks.

Most managers need to consider the legal, regulatory and business responsibilities that businesses have for protecting both their own and their client’s information, so this modules considers some of the relevant national and international legislation and the contractual obligations when working with UK government bodies.

Module 3 – Managing Cyber Security Risks in the Business

This section of the course will consider how an organisation can implement a pragmatic approach to Cyber Security with a view to mitigating risks to an acceptable level for the business. It will cover topics such as; the components of risk, the basics of risk management and the crucial role of managers in actively managing cyber security defences. It will also identify some of the guidance available to businesses on how to protect themselves in a cost effective and pragmatic way.


There are no required prerequisites for this course.

It is suitable for all levels of management (including C-level), senior leaders, information managers, risk managers and anyone in an organisation responsible for company or client data. It is a good introductory course for those from a non-IT background who need to understand more about the risks of doing business in the modern interconnected world.


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