Developing ASP .NET Web Forms Applications using Visual Studio

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This course provides the necessary skills and techniques to design and write scalable, robust and secure Web applications using Microsoft Visual Studio and the ASP.NET Framework.

You will gain in-depth knowledge of ASP.NET and its related technologies and obtain practical insights into developing enterprise-scale, data-driven Web applications. Throughout the course you will be building a fully functional ASP.NET web application. The course is presented as a mixture of lectures and hands-on exercises. Instructions and solutions are provided in both C# and Visual Basic, enabling you to work with your choice of language. (Before attending, delegates must already know one of these .NET languages.)


  • Create web application projects using Visual Studio 2015
  • Use Master Pages, CSS, themes and skins to enforce design principles Understand and manage state across and within page transitions
  • Create modular user interfaces with user controls
  • Implement site navigation mechanisms
  • Use validation techniques to ensure input data accuracy
  • Diagnose problems and implement a coherent error handling architecture
  • Create data-driven and data-bound user interfaces using relational data sources, LINQ, and the Entity Framework
  • Use routing to simplify URLs within an ASP.NET web application Create and use simple ASP.NET Web Services and WCF services
  • Describe and implement ASP.NET AJAX functionality to provide a richer UI experience Improve performance with caching
  • Implement authentication, authorisation and role based security using the ASP.NET Understand the membership system and the login controls
  • Use some of the new elements and attributes of HTML5
  • Extend the pipeline using custom modules and handlers


Module 1: Welcome to ASP.NET

  • What is ASP.NET
  • Creating a Web Site
  • Project and solution structures ASP.NET folder structure
  • Essential features for Web development
  • Understanding code separation
  • Creating a page and using server controls

Module 2: Building blocks of the web

  • HTTP Refresher
  • The DOM
  • CSS Refresher
  • Javascript primer
  • Themes
  • Skinning controls

Module 3: ASP.NET Page Processing

  • Application configuration
  • Processing model Page execution Event lifecycle
  • Object model overview

Module 4: State Management

  • ViewState
  • ControlState
  • Cookies
  • Application and Session state

Module 5: User controls

  • Refresher – encapsulation and properties
  • Introduction to User controls
  • Benefits of reuse

Module 6: Master pages

  • Revisiting Control Trees
  • Naming Containers
  • Benefits of Master pages
  • Nested master pages

Module 7: Moving the user and transferring data

  • Navigation API
  • Crosspage postbacks
  • Redirects
  • Server.Transfer
  • Server.Execute

Module 8: Validation and Error Handling

  • The need for validation
  • Validation on the Client and Server
  • ASP.NET validation controls
  • Ensuring correctness in posted data
  • Exception handling in ASP.NET

Module 9: Understanding Data in ASP.NET

  • Building blocks of data with ADO.NET
  • Separation of Data
  • Using Entity Framework
  • Building a model
  • Consuming a model
  • Binding to data

Module 10: Databinding and controls

  • Data source controls
  • Entity Data Source
  • The GridView, FormView, DetailsView ListView,
  • DataPager
  • Treeview Charts
  • Strongly typed controls

Module 11: Routing

  • Why Routing?
  • Routing and Web Forms
  • RouteTable and PageRouteHandler
  • RouteData
  • Expression Builders Parameters

Module 12: WCF Services

  • Exposing a simple Web Service Consuming a simple Web Service
  • Creating a WCF service
  • Consuming a WCF service
  • RESTful services

Module 13: Creating a modern UI using ASP.NET AJAX

  • What is AJAX?
  • Update Panels
  • Nuget and package dependencies
  • Using the AJAX Control Toolkit
  • AJAX with web services

Module 14: Caching and data reuse

  • Output caching and substitution Cache Providers
  • Cache API Caching data
  • Cache dependencies

Module 15: Security and Membership API

  • IIS authentication/authorization
  • ASP.NET authentication/authorization
  • Security objects
  • Custom (Forms) authentication
  • Using the Membership and Roles APIs Membership controls

Module 16: ASP.NET and HTML5

  • ASP.NET and HTML5

Appendix A: Under the covers

  • The ASP.NET pipeline
  • Writing Custom ASP.NET Modules
  • Writing Custom ASP.NET Handlers


  • Delegates must have basic knowledge of HTML and web page creation using JavaScript and CSS. These skills can be obtained by attending QA's 'Building an Effective Web Site' course: www.qa.com/QAEFFWEB or 'HTML for Programmers' course: www.qa.com/QAHTMLEV.
  • Delegates should have existing knowledge of a .NET programming language (C# or VB.NET).
  • Delegates without these skills would benefit from attending a QA .NET programming language course.


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