Google Drive – Deeper Dive

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This course follows on from your knowledge of the basic functionality of Google Drive and its suite of productivity tools, to dive a little deeper into using more of the advance features of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. More advanced features of drawing and forms will also be covered.

Target audience
This course is suitable for any individual who needs to use Google Drive to store, share, edit and collaborate on files. Using Google's productivity tools to a more advanced level. Attendees will learn about the more advanced features of Google apps, whether it be a document, spreadsheet or a presentation.

This course can be customised to meet your organisation's specific requirements or Google environment, please contact us for further details.


  • Work with some of the more advanced features of Google Docs including (but not restricted to) Tables, Charts, Table of Contents, Bookmarks and Page Breaks
  • Work with advanced features of Google Sheets, including advanced formulas and functions, filters, charts, PivotTables and sharing
  • Work with the advanced features of Google Slides, such as adding videos, tables, and animation to slides, as well as using presenter view and the drawing Tools
  • Work with the advanced features of forms, such as adding logic questions, sections and pages, as well as advanced settings
  • Investigate some useful add-ons available for the various Google Drive apps to enhance functionality


Module 1 – Google Documents

  • Topic A – Creating Tables in Google Docs
  • Topic B – Inserting Images
  • Topic C – Inserting References
  • Topic D – Table of Contents
  • Topic E – Controlling Page Appearance
  • Topic F – Proofing a Document

Module 2 – Google Sheets

  • Topic A – Creating Advanced Formulas
  • Topic B – Calculate Data across Spreadsheets
  • Topic C – Using Specialised Functions
  • Topic D – Sorting and Filtering Data
  • Topic E – Creating Charts
  • Topic F – Introduction to Pivot Tables
  • Topic G – Data Validation
  • Topic H – Conditional Formatting
  • Topic I – Protection

Module 3 – Google Slides

  • Topic A – Creating and Editing Tables
  • Topic B – Inserting Options
  • Topic C – Slide Master
  • Topic D – Animation and Transition

Module 4 – Forms

  • Topic A – Google Forms Applications Window
  • Topic B – Inserting Objects
  • Topic C – Creating a Form from Google Sheet Data
  • Topic D – Creating a Quiz

Module 5 – Drawings

  • Topic A – Creating Advanced Drawings
  • Topic B – Inserting Images

Module 6 – Google My Maps

  • Topic A – Creating and Customising a Map


  • Attended the Experience Google Drive course, or have equivalent knowledge
  • Experience in web browsing
  • Some experience of working in Google apps is recommended
  • Basic skills with Microsoft Office applications, or equivalent


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