Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals

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Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals


This course is aimed primarily at the management level of organisations rather than the technical or DevOps layers and provides an analyst-led approach to examine how Hybrid changes the dynamic of how we evolve IT.

This has never been more important with the changes imposed during Covid-19 where the nature of business-factored IT has had to devolve tasks and operations to cloud based technologies outside of the traditional IT schema.


Day 1:

  • What is Cloud? Understanding the evolution of cloud services and how the need for hybrid cloud has evolved.
  • How do we define what Hybrid means to our organisations and how do we define business use cases ?
  • How to avoid the mistakes that other organisations have made in their pathway to Hybrid Cloud.
  • What are the significant issues facing our businesses as we think about the services and demands of our customers, internal and external.

Day 2:

  • What are our responsibilities as owners and processors of data and what data is suitable for migration to Cloud?
  • What are the core issues that affect us as businesses culturally when we think about Hybrid?
  • Cloud Native – what is it, why is it important to our evolution as organisations and what can we do to embrace better ways of working?
  • Privacy and security – a definitive discussion and primer on how we think about security in the cloud dynamic, both hybrid and public.
  • DevOps enablement – how do we enable and reinforce our DevOps teams and provide them the tools and confidence to help our businesses move to Cloud?
  • Choosing your Cloud provider partner and understanding the difference between Cloud Native Ops and Cloud-hosted Applications.
  • Being a leader in your business to enhance the procurement of your Hybrid Cloud.


  • An understanding of basic enterprise computing schema and concepts.
  • An awareness of the market offerings of popular Cloud services.
  • An awareness of the advantages compared to on-prem development.

Also useful but not required:

  • Some knowledge of service level agreements and procurement.
  • An appreciation of the risk factors in a post-GDPR world.
  • An appreciation of basic security requirements on data controllers / data processors.
  • No technical ability or knowledge is needed to attend this course, there are no technical hands-on workshops.
  • Project management experience of staff and resources (a Prince7 certification is not required)
  • Basic understanding of DevOps and Cloud Native practices


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