ISTQB Foundation Certificate eLearning

Gain essential testing skills and build your career with this industry standard qualification for software testing professionals from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. This eLearning course is provided by Knowit with materials from Planit. Price does not include certification exam.

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ISTQB Foundation Certificate eLearning

The essential skills and knowledge needed to work as a testing professional

Internationally recognised, the ISTQB® Foundation Certificate is a must for securing your place in the rapidly growing software testing industry. It is the industry standard professional qualification and is fast becoming a prerequisite among hiring managers when considering testing candidates.

In this course, you will learn to apply test principles and control your own test activities using test processes and methodologies that are globally recognised as best practice.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This course has no prerequisites. However, it is suggested that candidates have at least six months’ practical experience in a professional testing role.

This course is well suited for Test Analysts and prospective testers looking to improve their testing knowledge. It will also benefit testers looking to certify their skills for recognition among employers, clients and peers.


Course Content

  • Fundamentals of Testing
    • Why is testing necessary
    • What is testing
    • General testing principles
    • Fundamental testing process
    • The psychology of testing
  •  Testing throughout the Lifecycle
    • Software development models
    • Test Levels
    • Test types: the targets of testing
    • Maintenance testing
  • Static Techniques
    • Reviews and Test Process
    • Review process
    • Static analysis by tools
  • Test Design Techniques
    • Identifying test conditions & designing test cases
    • Categories of test design techniques
    • Specification-based or black-box techniques
    • Structure-based or white-box techniques
    • Experience-based techniques
    • Choosing test techniques
  • Test Management
    • Test Organization
    • Test planning and estimation
    • Test progress monitoring and control
    • Configuration management
    • Risk and testing
    • Incident Management
  • Tool Support for Testing
    • Types of test tools
    • Effective use of tools: potential benefits & risks
    • Introducing a tool into an organization


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn fundamental testing principles, including details of the testing process
  • Understand testing throughout the software development lifecycle
  • Apply static test techniques
  • Apply a variety of test design techniques for more effective test preparation
  • Understand management of the testing process
  • Identify tools that support testing


Concepts and Terminology

  • Black-box testing techniques
  • Dynamic testing techniques
  • Evaluating exit criteria
  • Experience-based testing
  • Fundamental test principals
  • Incident management
  • Software development models
  • Specification-based testing techniques
  • Static testing techniques
  • Structure-based testing techniques
  • Test analysis
  • Test control
  • Test design techniques
  • Test development process
  • Test execution
  • Test implementation
  • Test incident management
  • Test levels
  • Test monitoring
  • Test planning and estimation
  • Test tools
  • Test types
  • White-box testing techniques
  • Writing test cases



Our online package allows for self-paced learning and the flexibility to study within your own schedule for 12 months. After your order you will receive instructions how to start the course within two business days.

Planit Virtual Academy works best on the following browsers:

  • MS Internet Explorer 10, 11
  • MS Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox version 45 Extended Support Release (ESR)
  • Google Chrome 54
  • Safari OS X
  • Mobile Browser Android >4 and iOS >9



The ISTQB® Foundation examination is a closed book exam that is 60 minutes in duration (or 75 minutes for candidates taking exams outside of their native language). It has 40 multiple choice questions with each one worth one point.

Candidates must score a minimum of 26 points (or 65%) to pass the exam and become a Foundation Certified Tester. Examinations are independently administered and assessed.

We recommend that you take the certificate exam after the course, and book and pay your own exam in


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