Mac OS Sierra Enterprise Support

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This two day, hands on course will provide delegates with an in-depth exploration of macOS Sierra integrates in a corporate Microsoft Windows environment. Using a mixture of trainer-led presentations and hands-on exercises, delegates will ensure their Macs are configured correctly to enable joining to a Active Directory Domain, join a Server 2012 r2 Domain and troubleshoot any potential issues.

Once joined to Active Directory, they will lean how to manage a Mac on a day to day basis in a Microsoft Windows environment, including deploying macOS to new and existing Macs, create and deploy software packages and remotely manage Macs with Apple Remote Desktop


  • Configure network on a Mac to work in a Microsoft Environment
  • Bind a Mac to an Active Directory network using GUI and command line options
  • Troubleshoot binding and authentication issues
  • Install software packages
  • Create and deploy macOS images
  • Troubleshoot macOS remotely with Apple Remote Desktop


Part 1 – Binding macOS to Active Directory

Learn how to configure macOS to work in a Microsoft Windows Active Directory environment,
configure networking, bind a Mac to Server 2012 r2

Part 2 – Using Mobile Device Management to manage macOS

How MDM can be used to manage macOS to ensure corporate standards are maintained, now
applications can be centrally purchased and deployed to macOS

Part 3 – Troubleshooting integration issues

How to troubleshoot macOS in a Microsoft Windows Active Directory environment.

Part 4 – Deployment

Learn how to create, maintain and deploy macOS images in a corporate network.

Part 5 – Application Packaging

How to create software packages for deployment to macOS and ensure users have all relevant
software required

Part 6 – Remote Management

Learn how to remotely manage macOS and MacOS using Apple Remote Desktop. How detailed
reports can be generated from Macs on a corporate network, how to deploy software and how to
use ARD to remotely assist users with macOS and MacOS problems


  • Some knowledge of macOS and basic computer skills.


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