Mastering Microsoft 365 Adoption and Governance

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Delegates attending this course will learn real world best practices for creating strategies for Microsoft 365 Adoption and Governance. Delegates will gain a thorough understanding of the benefits of Microsoft 365 adoption and governance for true digital transformation within their business. Delegates will understand the synergistic relationship between governance, adoption, training and resources for successful business change using Microsoft 365.


Anyone from Executives, IT Professionals, Change Leaders who are interested in learning the benefits and best practices of Microsoft 365 Adoption and Governance


Day 1 Microsoft 365 Adoption

  • Why Does Adoption Matter
  • Different Adoption Approaches
  • Adoption Requirement Overview
  • Adoption requires behaviour change – change is hard

    • Change is about people
    • Adoption Plans – Why some organisations don’t use one
    • Adoption Plans – Why you should use one
  • Elements for successful change

    • CEOs matter
    • Setting targets is key
    • Learn from each other
  • Obstacles to change

    • Natural human resistance to change
    • Shadow IT
    • Unaligned Technical readiness and user readiness
  • The Adoption Framework

    • Envision
    • OnBoard
    • Drive Value
  • Adoption Planning Workbook

    • Assemble Your Team
    • Who should be involved in adoption?
    • How can Executive Sponsors drive project success?
    • ABCs for Executive Sponsors
    • Who are Success Owners and why are they important?
    • Who are Early Adopters?
    • Who are Champions?
    • What Champions should do
    • Tips for Champions
    • Other Team Members
  • Define Business Strategy

    • How to identify the business strategy
    • Using Scenarios (business objectives)
    • Scenario framing
    • Example Scenario
    • Prioritise Scenarios
    • Define success criteria – establish KPI
    • Example KPIs
  • Prepare Your Environment
  • Build Your Adoption Plan
  • Define Governance
  • Launch to Early Adopters
  • Adjust Your Plan
  • Drive Value

    • Monitor End User Adoption
    • Measure and Report Usage
    • Encourage Ongoing Engagement
    • Driving Engagement
  • Microsoft 365 Adoption Resources

Day 2 Microsoft 365 Governance

  • What this course is

    • Discussion about designing and adopting governance
    • Suggestions on proven successful techniques
    • A plan to help you plan
  • What this course is not

    • A Governance Plan
  • What is Governance
  • What Governance should do

    • Control and secure data
    • Manage processes
    • Mitigate Risks
    • Drives performance and best practices
  • Governance Conflicts
  • Good governance precedes great adoption
  • What does no governance look like?
  • Governance is not enough

    • Training
    • User Adoption
  • Components of Governance

    • Policies
    • Procedures
    • Roles
    • Responsibilities
  • Governance Top Tips from the real world
  • Creating a resource centre to combine training, adoption and governance resources
  • Governance creation process
  • Put together the right governance team(s)
  • Define Governance Scope and lifecycle
  • Governance Resources


A high level understanding of Microsoft 365 concepts and a desire to understand the risks of not having an adoption and governance strategy to successful Microsoft 365 deployments and benefits of good adoption and governance as an enabler of true digital transformation through Microsoft 365. There are no technical skills required for this course


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