Microsoft SharePoint On-Premises End User Level 1 (2013 / 2016)

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This course is aimed at users of SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016. If you are using SharePoint Online (SharePoint in Office 365) please refer to the course QASPEUOL1 – SharePoint Online End User Level 1.

The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge required as an end-user of Microsoft SharePoint On-Premises. The course emphasises hands-on experience, with a series of self-guided exercises integrated into the training.

You will discover and understand what SharePoint is and how to access it from a browser or from Office. You will learn how to use SharePoint to collaborate within a team, organise and manage documents, events, tasks and other items. You will use the tools provided to search for information and people, find documents and open them from Microsoft Office applications and Office 2016.

This course is designed for users who are new or have basic skills with SharePoint. Although users will be given an insight into SharePoint the equivalent of a SharePoint Site member, they will be shown how to create certain objects to appreciate how they work.


  • Explain how SharePoint can help them in a collaborative working environment
  • Work with SharePoint apps / add-ins such as lists and libraries
  • Customise apps to meet personal needs with metadata
  • Create views to arrange items of information
  • Connect certain lists and libraries to Microsoft Outlook
  • Know when to Check in / Check out, or use Live Co-authoring


Module 1: Understand SharePoint

  • Topic A: What is SharePoint?
  • Topic B: Governance and the Information Worker
  • Topic C: Opening a SharePoint Site
  • Topic D: SharePoint information Structure
  • Topic E: The SharePoint Environment
  • Topic F: The Global Nav Bar
  • Topic G: The Ribbon
  • Topic H: Following Sites

Module 2: SharePoint Apps

  • Topic A: What is a SharePoint App?
  • Topic B: Add SharePoint Apps
  • Topic C: SharePoint List Apps
  • Topic D: Introducing List Items
  • Topic E: The Site Recycle Bin

Module 3: SharePoint Library Apps

  • Topic A: Working with SharePoint Library Apps
  • Topic B: Working with Documents
  • Topic C: Document Item Menu

Module 4: Manage Items

  • Topic A: Metadata
  • Topic B: Working with Views
  • Topic C: Managing Views
  • Topic D: Auditing Items

Module 5: Manage Content

  • Topic A: Using Alerts
  • Topic B: RSS Feeds
  • Topic C: Check Out / Check In a Document
  • Topic D: Document Collaboration and Co-Authoring
  • Topic E: Sync a SharePoint Library
  • Topic F: Connect Information to Outlook

Module 6: Discover Information

  • Topic A: Understanding My Site
  • Topic B: My Site Features
  • Topic C: OneDrive
  • Topic D: Search


  • A basic understanding of Windows 7 or higher.
  • Experience using Internet Explorer 11 or equivalent browser.
  • A basic knowledge of Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook).

Please Note: If you attend a course and do not meet the prerequisites, you may be asked to leave.


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