MySQL Performance Tuning

The MySQL Performance Tuning course teaches you how to tune MySQL for optimal performance

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You will learn best practices for configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting your server, databases and queries using a range of tools.

Learn To:
– Understand performance tuning concepts.
– Benchmark your MySQL server.
– Tune MySQL server settings.
– Investigate performance metrics with a range of system databases, command-line and graphical tools.
– Design your databases for optimal performance.
– Optimize slow queries.
– Troubleshoot common performance problems.

– Scale your hardware and application environment as your database grows.

Benefits To You:
MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database, and the leading database for web applications. The majority of the largest web properties rely on MySQL to cope with huge numbers of transactions simultaneously, while maintaining the integrity of their data.

As users continue to demand better performance and more functionality from web applications, you need to make sure that your database can keep up. The MySQL Performance Tuning course will teach you how to use the vast array of configuration options, monitoring tools, and techniques employed by MySQL database professionals to keep your applications fast, efficient, and safe.

Target audience:

Database Administrators
System Administrator
Database Designers
Application Developers

Web Administrator

Required Prerequisites:
– Experience of maintaining a database server (preferably a MySQL server)
– Ability to use MySQL tools to connect to a MySQL server
– Knowledge of general SQL statement structure and query writing principles

– Working knowledge of Linux operating systems

Suggested Prerequisites:
– Experience of maintaining a MySQL server instance and using
– Knowledge of a programming language, such as Java or PHP

– Familiarity with Linux command line tools and scripting

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Eine Lahtisalo

Eine Lahtisalo

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