Open Source Cyber Intelligence – Advanced

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This course provides delegates with Advanced knowledge in Open Source Cyber Intelligence. Building on the Introduction course this takes the gathering and finding of Open Source Cyber Intelligence to the next level with in-depth use of advanced tools that are vital for covert internet investigations and intelligence gathering. The course is highly practical allowing delegates the time to explore and understand the tools and resources covered.

Target Audience

This course is intended for anyone who wishes to be able to utilise advanced software and tools for finding intelligence gathering and investigation on the Internet and World Wide Web. It will be of particular interest to those in the private and public sector investigation or intelligence collection fields.


During this course delegates will learn:

  • Advanced search engine techniques and Google hacking
  • How to describe the ways mobile devices can cause and opportunity and risk
  • Tracking users with GPRS and SSID
  • Advanced software required for safe internet investigations
  • How to use open source encrypted anonymity services
  • Familiarity with use of Tor and accessing Tor Hidden Services (THS) and other Dark Webs
  • How Virtual currencies work, particularly Bitcoin
  • Advanced knowledge needed when capturing digital evidence for court


Where applicable our QA OSINT instructors have a law enforcement, internet investigations and digital forensics practitioner experience aligned to the best practice standards, including ISO17025.

Module 1 – Instant Messaging – IRC

  • Acronyms
  • IRC Networks and Channels

Module 2 – Secure Communications

  • Cryptography
  • Hashing
  • PGP and GnuPG

Module 3 – Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • CVE
  • SCAP
  • TAXII, STIX and CybOX

Module 4 – Digital Evidence Capture

  • Video and screenshots
  • Module 5 – Intelligence Evaluation
  • 5x5x5 Intelligence document

Module 6 – Background of the Dark Web

  • History of Criminal Forums
  • History of infamous Dark Web sites

Module 7 – Tor and Tor Hidden Servicers

  • How Tor works
  • How THS work
  • Attacks against the Tor network
  • Analysis of THS

Module 8 – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

  • How Bitcoin works
  • Blockchain
  • Proof-of-work
  • Altcoins

Module 9 – Other Dark Webs

  • I2p, Freenet and GNUnet


The Open Source Cyber Intelligence – Introduction ( is a required prerequisite for taking this course.

Participants are expected to have a good knowledge of Open Source Intelligence techniques.


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