The Dark Web

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With the seizure of the Silk Road in 2013; a website trading in hundreds of millions of dollars of narcotics, the world became aware of what is known as The Dark Web. An anonymous and encrypted section of the internet The Dark Web allows criminals and human rights activists alike to avoid the people hunting them. There are a number of key technologies that have allowed The Dark Web to flourish, from cryptocurrency Bitcoin to software that allows anonymity such as Tor. The Dark Web is at the fore-front of criminal innovation and understanding how it works is the first step in being able to combat the illegal activities that go on there. The course is highly practical allowing delegates to explore and understand the tools that make up the Dark Web.

Target Audience:

The course is intended for those requiring intelligence or evidence from the Dark Web. This will usually be those working in government or law enforcement though may also be in the private sector.


At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the history of illegal activities on the internet
  • Use and describe how Tor works
  • Access Tor Hidden Services (THS)
  • Use and describe how Bitcoin works
  • Understand other Virtual currencies
  • Access a number of the other Dark webs available


Module 1 – History of the Dark Web

Illegal activities on the internet have been taking place long before the development of the ’Dark Web’. Notable cases are important for understanding the underground world of the Dark Web.

Module 2 – Tor, Dark Web and Tor Hidden Services (THS)

Install, use and understand how Tor works. Accessing THS and how to do it safely and legally. Explore the Dark Web of markets and underground criminal forums.

Module 3 – Bitcoin and Virtual Currencies

How bitcoin and virtual currencies work, and how payments can be tracked. The other technologies being built around virtual currencies will also be covered.

Module 4 – Other Dark Webs and Darknets

There are many other Dark Webs or Darknets. This module will look at the alternative software used including I2P and Freenet.


The Introduction to Open Source Intelligence course would be a useful prerequisite for taking this course, though it is not required.


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