Slush 2019 side event: After Works
Experience VR Sauna @ Slush

Jump into the immersion of VR learning and enjoy refreshments with fellow aficionados during Slush 2019. Book your time slot now, this exclusive sauna experience hosts limited spots for the bravest of Slush goers.

PS. No sweat – This is a digi-sauna, not a “hikisauna”.
No Slush ticket required for entry, this is a free side-event.

How it works?

We think aha-moments might find you in the most surprising environments.

Like in a digisauna. With VR glasses. Over beer. No sweat.

Enjoy a Free beer at VR Sauna

Here’s how to book your VR Sauna slot 
1. Invite your friends by sharing this URL
2. Book your slot here.
3. Arrive on time to onboard the VR experience.
3. Enjoy a lightning-talk in VR – How does it feel?
4. Network and enjoy a beer or two with like-minded early adopters
5. Share your thoughts with the hashtag #VRSauna

How to get there from Slush?

The VR Sauna is located next door from Slush at Sovelto’s training HQ in Messukeskus.

See Google Maps for direct guidance.

First come, first served

Book your VR Sauna experience

These slots are going for “hot coals” so-to-speak. Booked slots include free beer, networking, lightning vr training session and guidance.

Go one deeper, into the immersion

Sauna Schedule

Anssi Rusanen VR-trainer

Book your lightning talk and experience the VR Sauna. Reserved sauna experiences last around 1 hour including VR guidance, VR experience, lightning talk, drinks and networking. You may choose to stay longer.

Sauna schedule (Wed 21.11. and Thu 22.11.)

16.00 – 17.00 

17.00 – 18.00

18.00 – 19.00

19.00 – 20.00

No sweat at this sauna. Enjoy free beer, snacks and a new way of learning, through VR trainings.

Why are VR trainings the future?

The opportunity to attend a virtual training much like a real-life one can be transformative. 

In addition to saving travel costs, VR trainings are fun. You are present in an immersive way, interacting with other participants.

As experts in the field, we can show you how to best utilize VR trainings as part of developing your company culture and skills further. Start by booking a virtual workshop with us, to explore the concept further.

Boost your virtual trainings

Enhance your training offering with immersive and memorable VR experiences.
Ketteryys on tapa ajatella, tapa suhtautua tekemiseen ja odottamattomaan, ei mikään metodi tai tiettyjen toimintojen mekaanista suorittamista. Osallistu mukavasti vaikka kotoasi mutta läsnä virtuaaliympäristössä!

Need a training offer?

If your need a training proposal, we are at your disposal

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